Hello from Shell in Herefordshire, England

Hello Everyone!
Shell here. I’ve been hanging around here for a while so i thought it was time to say hello. I’ve been playing acoustic on and off for about 15 years. I had face to face lessons at the start and i did some exams. I’ve been a fan of Justin for a few years now and i’ve realised I’ve got big knowledge and technique gaps. With exams you just learn what you need to pass really so now i’m working through Justin’ s course and loving it.
I took (very) early retirement last July and immediately bought myself a lovely electric guitar. That is so much fun.
3 months ago i got a beautiful classical guitar and i love that too.:grin:

I love fingerstyle but you can also find me bashing out some chords and having a jolly good sing along. Not a great singer but only my husband hears me!

I’m absolutely rubbish at improvising. I just end up playing scales or parts of scales. Shredding is just a distant dream. I’m working on it all though with Justin.

I play every day and keep a log of what i’ m doing on each guitar. It’s great to have proper time for it.
I love this forum. I love that there are fellow guitarists from all over the place and of all ages.

Like many of you out there, I just play for myself and have never played in public. One day I may face the fear and post a video here. :dizzy_face:

Happy strumming everyone,


Welcome to the Community, Shell, lovely to meet you here. I hope you’ll overcome your fear of posting videos, including your singing, soon. We love to watch fellow member’s recordings and you’ll find you will receive only encouragement and helpful feedback.

Hi Shell,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of knowledge, confidence and above all a lot of fun…

you probably mean face to face and not via this site or others via you-tube…because otherwise Justin could be very offended :rofl::wink:

OMG!!! Never even thought of that Roger. Arrggghhhhhh :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
Justin - I love you and my husband knows all about it. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thanks Roger. I changed it so now i’ve learnt to edit. Yay. :grinning::grinning:
Happy playing.

welcome! You’ll find that people here are really nice and its a great environment to solicit feedback from others. It’s scary posting audio/video for the first time but once it’s done you’ll get more and more comfortable doing it.

Hope to see you playing sometime.


Thanks Alex. You are very kind. I will post a video at some point, if i can work out how to do it! Just need to be brave and go for it! :grinning:

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Hi Shell and welcome,
although from the sound of it, you should be welcoming all of us! :rofl:
If you’ve been browsing through the forum/community at all you should know that

… cuts no mustatd with anyone.
Make and model is minumum, pics preferable…
We’re very judgemental :laughing:

Oh, yes… We don’t feed the :troll:

Look forward to following your journey :smiley:

HI Shell. Welcome to the group. What a great way to spend retirement. I am not quite there yet, but hope to spend more time playing guitar when I get there. In the mean time, I found the Justin guitar method fantastic and his approved community moderators are always so helpful in filling in the blanks for us along our journey. I first picked up a guitar around 2005 and sounded awful then. I have been playing again for about 2 years now following Justin’s methods. Thanks to what I have learned here, in no time crowds began to gather to hear me play and nobody runs for cover or covers their ears :). I suggest to record yourself to track your progress and dabble in music theory. It will help to see how the big puzzle fits together. As of now I can sing and play mostly ballads, hoping to play faster and improve in quality, but it takes time. If you post a video of singing and playing, everyone here is quite polite with honest feedback and support. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey,

Jeff from California.

Hello from Chelmsford Massachusettes!

Hello and welcome to the community Shell. :slight_smile:

I hope Justin’s teaching help you achieve that shredding, one day.

Hello Shell. It seems you have your retirement plan nicely sorted with music a-plenty.
If you’ve been hanging around for a while you’ll hopefully know what a great community you have just stepped into with your hello and introduction.
Ask if you need any help, otherwise just join in and enjoy.
Richard :slight_smile:

Thanks so much David. Now I’ve leapt in I’ m looking forward to being more active in this lovely community. :smiley:

Thanks Richard. That’s so kind. Yep, i know this is a lovely safe space so looking forward to being a bit more active. :blush:

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Thanks so much Jeff. California! I just love the worldwide appeal of Justin. It sounds like you’re making brilliant progress. You’re attracting crowds!!! I love music theory so i am working on that and i will have a go at recording myself. Good stuff. Retirement is fab. :grin:

Thanks so much Sgt Colon. Very kind of you. Sending best wishes. :smiley:

And a big hello from (a cooler today thank goodness) England.
Massachusetts! Wow. Love this worldwide thing. Don’t know where exactly that is but i will look it up. :grin: So lovely of you to say hello.

Welcome Shell, definitely a very supportive community who will give great support and feedback when you post your videos. I’m originally from Manchester but living in the US now. It’s hot here, and hard to imagine England being hotter. I do remember the summer of '76, in Southport with millions of ladybirds (ladybugs) I also retired recently and am enjoying playing guitar every day for longer and longer.

Hi Phil. Thanks for the kind words. I’m originally from Leigh, Lancs - just up the East Lancs from Manchester. I’m now in very rural Herefordshire. I don’t remember the summer of 76, i was only 9 but my husband remembers it well. And the ladybirds! It has been hot but cooler today. I love retirement. People (those who are still working) often say “but what do you do?” Or, and this is really common, “you’ll get bored!” DUH! :joy::joy::joy:

Ok it’s a pretty blue one. :joy:
Hey, i’m a girl, i like pretty guitars! What can i say?

(Fender Player Strat in Tidepool blue. Also got a Fender Champion 20 amp to go with it and a pretty strap, oh and a nice case.)
He’s called Funtime Fendi. They’ve got to have names right?!