Hello from the land down under, I'm Stephen

Hello everyone. I’m 68 years young, the last time I picked up a guitar was 50 years ago. I played around with it for about 6 months, then wife, kids and work (oh, and cricket and surfing) all got in the way. I’m hoping to learn how to play a few songs purely for my own entertainment. I’m also a member of my local mens shed which has a few old muso’s as members, we are hoping to get together every week and help each learn. Very sore finger tips at the moment but my enthusiasm and perseverance will hopefully keep me going.
All the best


Welcome to the forum Steve

Hi Steve welcome!

Theres a fair few antipodeans around these parts

Thanks Stitch

Great to see I’m in good company Rob.

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Welcome Stephen, from a fellow Aussie.

You’re in for a treat here mate. Brilliant tuition, terrific, supportive community, and some great friendships to come.

Stick close to Justin’s lessons, and reach out here anytime.

All the best,

Cheers, Shane.


Hi Shane. Thanks for the great welcome, looking forward to getting to grips with this guitar. Very sore fingertips at the moment but will keep going.


That doesn’t last terribly long. Hang in there.

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Hi Steve! And welcome! Good to have you here :wave: :smiley: (from a kiwi across the ditch :wink: )
Also good to have another surfer in the forum! :surfing_man: I bet you’ve had some great experiences from how the sports evolved during that time :slight_smile:
All the best with your journey!

Hi Jeff. Thanks for the kind words. I think if I lived for a few hundred years I still wouldn’t be able to learn and experience all the great things there are to do in the world. My motto is when I put my head on the pillow at night I must have learned something. Tonight it’s the ‘A’ chord. Lol.

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Hi Mark
Certainly will. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hi Stephen,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

And enjoy the pain, it’s only temporary and see it as a ritual that everyone has gone through :sunglasses:…no exceptions…(psss and if you later learn new strange chords or fingerstyle stuff, sometimes it takes a day or few days,but I like that ,the feel of learning something complet new :grinning:),


Hello Roger
Thanks for the encouragement. No pain no gain as they say. I think life is a great experience when we go out and learn new skills, no matter how old. I’m looking forward to this new learning experience. Thanks again.

Welcome Stephen! You’ve found a nice and supportive crowd here! Have lots of enjoyable hours with your guitar!

Hello Steve
Welcome to the forum :grinning: from a fellow Antipodean :grin:
You’re in the right place. This community is friendly and supportive and you can’t go wrong with JustinGuitar lessons
persevere through the finger pain, it’s only for a relatively short time and it’s soooo worth it :smiling_face: :sunflower:

Welcome to the forum Steve. 68 as well and still rockin’ Never too old to rock and roll.

… Where women glow and men chunder? :open_mouth:
Welcome aboard, mate :smiley:


Welcome aboard, Steve! :smiley:

Hello Steve & Welcome!!!
Learning guitar is going to be challenging but very rewarding… especially when you really NAIL your first song or two!!! :grin:
My advice to people very new to guitar is to buy a stand or a wall hanger… keeping it “close at hand” you can pick it up when you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare… I play scales while the coffee is brewing in the morning before anyone else is awake!!!
Also, keep it FUN… if you get frustrated, take a break or work on something else for a bit.
Enjoy yourself & good luck with you 6-stringed mate!!!

Tod from New Mexico USA

G’day Steve from another Aussie. I’ve had some great jams at my local men’s shed, I live near Murwillumbah. Whereabouts are you from?

The sore fingers will fade soon, the memories of great jams last a long time.

look forward to hearing more from you