Hello from the Mitten!

Hello! My name is Anne :slightly_smiling_face: I’m 33, live in Michigan in the USA (holy brrrr right now).

I have been learning with Justin for almost 2 years. I took lessons in junior high, but didn’t stick with it. I may have given up then, but I kept that Washburn Oscar Schmidt through something like 2 houses and 5 apartments. I finally picked it up again, the E string immediately broke, and I got over my nerves and schlepped myself down to Guitar Center for a new set of strings and picks.

I consider myself an advancing beginner - at this point I’m still just a girl playing guitar in my living room, and I’m happy in the background of the rock songs on the melody. Trying to psych myself up to play with actual people. I’m still playing that ~20 year old Washburn, as well as a new-to-me Tremonti PRS SE with a Boss Katana.

When I’m not playing guitar (or working to pay for my expensive hobbies :sweat_smile: ), I also love to travel, do yoga, run, and triathlons, or head around town to listen to some live music. See you around, friends!


Welcome Anne!! :grin:

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Welcome to the Community, Anne. I had to chuckle, had a real Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant/Notting Hill moment reading ‘just a girl playing guitar’. I guess we are all just boys and girls playing our guitars. And when the time is right sharing our playing with our Community Friends in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

Will surely see you round :smiley:

Welcome to the Community Anne from a fellow (southeast) Michigander! It sounds like you have some very nice new gear with a PRS and a Katana - both good choices!

Hi Ann, welcome to the community - when I read I’m just a girl playing my guitar it instantly made a well known (and great) No Doubt song come to mind!
Sounds like you may have traveled around a bit; 2 Houses and 5 Apartments sheesh!!!
Looking forward to hearing your music :musical_score: soon; have fun!

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Relatively early in my guitar journey I joined a local amateur music club. The experiences (and friends) I gained there have been amazing.

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Hello and welcome to the community Anne. :slight_smile:

If you fancy playing for people, you may want to check out our next open mic.

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Hey Anne! Hope you enjoy your time here and it helps you advance in your areas of interest! Sounds like you keep yourself active and busy and I’m sure all that energy can only help you. :smiley:

Welcome to the Community, lots of helpful input and sharing here :smiley:

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Thanks! I’ll take a look around more soon!

I sure hope so! I definitely love to be active and keep learning. I feel like there’s a lot of good balance and overlap between music and things like running, yoga, and the outdoors.

Thanks! When is it? I’d love to hear others on their guitar journey too!

Thanks! I mean who doesn’t move around a ton in their 20s between parents’ house and college? That Washburn is going to live forever, it even made it through a winter in a storage unit!

Hi fellow Michigander! Yes I love my PRS. I was pretty sure all along that’s what I was going to get (I want to be Mark Tremonti when I grow up LOL) and it still stood out as my favorite even after trying many others. I think guitars are like bikes though, the correct number to own is always n+1… :laughing:


You have just missed open mic 6 but I think open mic 7 is planned for late April or early May.

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Welcome Anne.
Good to hear you took the plunge and are giving learning another chance, looks like you didn’t want to let your guitar go… that’s definitely telling you something and is all part of the guitar journey! Well done on taking the steps and following your dreams - keep going. Although I’m realtively new to this forum, it’s really friendly you’ll get support here.
Good luck and see you around.

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Hello Anne and a very warm welcome to the community.
We have just had open mic 6 and the next is early April.
All open mics (OMs) are recorded and archived plus arrangements fir future events can be found in this category.


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Thanks! I will definitely take a look!