Hello from The Roughrider in Berlin, Germany

thx for the welcome

Hi Richard, yes there are lots of cherries - mostly when he explains playing of the songs - Lessons doesnt make much sense for me - as I learn best from songs - not technics - and I never get any lessons from anybody in the last >50 years - but it works for me somehow - but always can be better :wink: - and yes a play sometimes live and with a little band… cheers david

Hi Roger, may you check my profile - that says a few things - and i def. have no need to promoted my YT Channel :wink: - no earnings exspected :wink: - wrong way … communitiy efforts , maybe some new tips and tricks, may some judging about my stuff, maybe to give some useful advise to you youngsters - who know yet… cheers david

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After a long pause of playing by myself (some 20 years…), I ve started over again :slight_smile: The Lost Boy - Greg Holden Cover by the roughrider - live - YouTube

the lost boy (Gred Holden cover)
since than - I think it is getting better now … :wink:


That already sounded great to me, David.

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Hey David, welcome to the community. Both of my parents were German / from Germany, it was fascinating for me to visit Germany a bit over a decade ago now. I enjoyed listening to several of the songs on your channel, Society and Here comes the rain again. I’ve been playing Society for about a year now, good lyrics. Which model Taylor do you have?

Look forward to hearing more from you

Hi Tony, Taylor 224ce-k - and as usual some more ,)
Gretsch 6120 W Nashville
Martin D 35 Johnny Cash
Taylor 224ce-k
Fender Tele black 2018
Fender Tele Acoustasonic US
Washburn Acoustic (Vintage 1988)
Ovation 12 Sting
Ovation 6 String
Walden 6 String
Banjo 6 String
ALVAREZ Baritone 8 string
Gibson J45


Nice collection

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just grown over the years ! Only 1 advise - never sell a guitar ! I did way back and sold a 69 tele - I am an idiot!

That only works if you always buy the right guitar. :slight_smile:

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ok 2nd advise - life is too short for cheap guitars :wink: doesnt make sense believe me :wink: - always take your time and buy a real one :wink:

:wink: like that you get the ears :wink: … if you are interested what Ive done in the past…
check this: David Heilmann | Discography | Discogs
still many missing - but… at least something… take care

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About good lyrics… I always like Neil Youngs Statement for Lyrics : Music without a political reason is senseless :wink: - and I ve grown with Woody and Pete Seeger and Joan Baez… so that fits perfect… :wink:


I’ve bought expensive guitars that weren’t the right ones. :slight_smile:

If you have a political message, music can be a good vehicle (or a terrible one!) :smiley:
I’ve come across a couple of good songs about love, death & religion
Come to think of it, that covers the bulk of Nick Cave’s material (my favourite artist) :wink:

(Edit: Oops, I forgot mental illness too :open_mouth:)

Hi Brian, well its Neils Statement not mine - but I can agree - and yeah Nick is doin good lyrics - I have met him way back in the 80ties :wink: - nice guy… - I am rehearsin on "Into my arms " still

I think the statement is broad and sweeping to say the least. I am a NY fan and know he has written songs with relevant messages, sometimes explicitly political, sometimes perhaps less directly. And he has written many songs about other things, none of which I’d consider to render the music ‘senseless’. Maybe a quote out of context.

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Haha, if it was the ‘80s I imagine Der Höhlen-Nicklaus’ memory might be ‘a bit fuzzy’ regarding that encounter :laughing: Was Blixa there too? Berlin has always fascinated me, and I finally got to visit it recently. Very different place obviously, but still loved it :smiley:

Well that were rough times in the 80ties - yes Blixa and all the others were there too - Mick Harvey…Chrislo Haas … Alex Hacke… - As I worked at Hansa at the Wall or in my studio these days…
with Crime & the city Solution on the Bride Ship Album :wink: Crime + The City Solution - The Bride Ship | Releases | Discogs

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Woah… The Holy Grail!
I’m sure many here won’t be aware that is where so many pop/rock icons recorded-
incl. Bowie, Eno, Nick Cave, Siouxie, Depeche Mode, U2, Pixies… :open_mouth: