Hello from The Roughrider in Berlin, Germany


Wow that was quite an entrance David! That was thoroughly enjoyable. Great playing and vocals, as well as a really well delivered performance. You are a natural performer sir!

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That was great ! Thank you !

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thx Eddy_09 - I ve played this songs only 3 times before, but I like it a lot - more to come :wink:

Servus, mein Freund. :heart:lich wilkommen :smiley:
That’s an impressive entrance, one of my favourite intros too!
Nice all-round performance.
I see you have a whole stack of performances on your YouTube channel (had a listen to some).
It’d be cool to hear your background story and how you came to these hallowed grounds…
Cheers :smiley:


Hi David. What a performance!
I heard this song by Jonny Cash for the first time a week or so ago and loved it. Suggested as something I’d like by the Spotify algorithm. I did think of giving it a go myself but thought it would be difficult to do anything decent with the spoken parts. You’ve done stupendously!

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thx for your kind words - david

HI, thx - every now and than I am on Justins Channel - like it a lot ! Last thing was this video about relaxed singing - he says there many true things :wink: -
Why here … it has been a long way :wink: - if you are interested - you may check my little studio site :slight_smile: www.ftw-studio.de … there are a few things of my past… best david

Welcome to the JustinGuitar Community, David. I enjoyed your rendition of that Johnny Cash classic. I also had a look at your YT channel and the website.

This Community welcomes all who are students, perhaps sometimes disciples is a better word, of JustinGuitar, learning to play and become better musicians following his programmes.

I suggest you post up a short intro in #community-hub:introduce-yourself that should include some brief personal background, guitar history, and aspirations as a member of the Community.

Ive done that already - on introduction page :wink: - if thats not enough, just tell me :wink: best

Thanks Dave, I’m catching up and missed that. All good.

Look forward to hearing more from you and you becoming a regular. You’ll probably not receive too much in the way of helpful comments about your recordings, as I think you have progressed further than the majority here who tend to be beginners learning from Justin’s lessons and becoming let’s say advancing beginners/eary intermediate level players. But as you said in the intro, I’m sure you have lots to share to help those folk.

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HI David, might be - who knows yet :wink: - I could get a lot of things from Justins explanations - thx -
and yes not all comments will be helpful for me, but who knows what people thing about that weird stuff I do - as least they can take this as bad examples :wink: - lets see - cheers

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been playing for a while… looking in Justins Lessons - and cherrypicking :wink:
a bit more : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsdlC2FVv1oQMJpBblUTwA

hear you - best david

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Can you expand on that T ?

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Hi T what do you like to know ? :wink:

Hi david,
Welcome,. :sunglasses:.and like what are/were your first experiences with JustinGuitar? how do you see yourself participating in this community, other than for example just promoting your you-tube channel (which happens a lot hence the somewhat reluctance of many people towards people with many years of performance experience and start with a video without a word in front)… actually a bit like what is described in the section before you enter this domain, which unfortunately a lot of people skip :grimacing:
I wish you a lot of fun,

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Welcome to the community David.
When you say cherrypicking from Justin’s lessons do you mean the song tutorials?
Did you learn using Justin’s courses too?
It would be good to know some of your background story if you’re playing live etc.

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Welcome David!

Nice to have you aboard :slight_smile:

Hi David and welcome to the community from an English David, a year old than you but just a beginner (with good ears!) who would love to have your experience.

I’ll just educate these gents for you.
@TheMadman_tobyjenner @roger_holland @Richard_close2u
Hey guys, have you read David’s profile??

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Hi David, thx a lot - may your advise helps :wink: