Hello From the South Coast of England

Good Afternoon Everyone
Just thought I would introduce myself as I begin my guitar journey!
I am 59 and from UK. I retire from full time work in 2 weeks and thought I would learn the guitar!!
I was recommended Justin’s site and so glad I found it.
I must admit I am finding way harder and am struggling getting my finger tips in the right place so I dont catch the string above/below and also my fingers hurt!! And many other things!

I am determined to carry on and practice and hopefully things will come togeather over time!

Hope to chat with you all soon



Welcome to the forum John

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Hi, John, welcome. Don’t worry the fingers do come under control (mostly) fairly quickly. After a year and a half, my fingers still mute strings occasionally.


Hi John,

Not long started my journey as well. Not sure if you use or have looked at Justins app, but it is a great help having everything in one place.
Happy learning :+1:


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Hi Paul
Thanks for the message and I do have the app, it looks very good as well and hopefully will help


I will let you know Tony :smile:

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Hey John, welcome to the forum. I remember the days of hurting fingers very well. Hang in there, it does get better and it doesn’t take that long. Look forward to hearing more from you

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Hi John,
Welcome (again :smile:) here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the community John. I started at about the same age, 60. It does get easier!

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I do hope so, as I am finding it quite hard and slow. Thanks for the words of advice

Thanks Rodger, will keep going

Welcome, John. You. Came to the right place. :grinning:

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Hi John! :wave: And welcome! :smiley: All the best with getting those fingers under control, seems like such an uphill battle at the start, but you’ll notice good progress in no time if you stick at it :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: plus those pesky sore fingers will soon become just a distant memory too! :wink:

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Welcome John, it’s a stuggle for all of us to put the fingers on the fretboard correctly. Sometimes you will succeed in the beginning but practice, paractice brings you to the point where you can say I did it.

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Hi John, welcome to the community forum.

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