Hello from the UK - Leanne here

Hello from the UK. I first started to learn guitar 15 years ago but didn’t get far. I just couldn’t find the best way to learn. And then last year I came across Justin Guitar and since then I’ve never looked back. I have just learnt my first song and I finally understand the guitar and the music theory behind it. I still have a long way to go as I am only in the late beginner stage but I have come much further than I ever thought possible all thanks to Justin Guitar :slight_smile:


Hiya and welcome :sunglasses::guitar:

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Hi Leanne, welcome along to the Justin ride!! Glad that you’ve got a song under your belt now and have found your path to success! :+1:

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Great stuff Leanne, another from the UK (near Birmingham), have fun and enjoy what you’re doing, that’s the most important thing to remember! It helps to record yourself when you’ve achieved something, it helps to give you encouragement when you look back on it later on.
If you want to you can also post a recording on here in AVOYP (Audio or video of you playing) then you can get constructive feedback and praise on where you’ve got so far. There’s no negativity here, it’s a very friendly place and advice on anything you want to know Guitar related will be freely available.
Settle in and enjoy yourself!

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Hi Leanne and welcome to the community,

Your story paints and oh so familiar story of folks floundering the wildness and the finding Justin and suddenly progress at last. I did the same 17 year loop before arriving here some time back. Make the most of the knowledge and experience here. Never be afraid to ask a question, there are no stupid questions (but there’s the occasional stupid answer!).


Ex UK now France

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I’m in the UK too. Hope you enjoy the community, someone will always answer any questions you have. Whereabouts are you based? I’m in Birmingham.

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Hi Leanne from a fellow late beginner stage Brit (Great Yarmouth)

Stick with Justin and you won’t go far wrong.

Enjoy your journey.

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Hi Leanne and welcome.
How cool and exciting it is to find a path that you can clearly see will get you to your guitars goals like JG I believe will.

Enjoy the ride!!

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Hello and welcome to the community Leanne. :slight_smile:

Justin is a great teacher, he makes it easy to understand and because of that you learn with inspires you to come back. As they say, you never forget a great teacher.

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Welcome to the Community, Leanne. You’ve found a good place to learn and being active in the community is helped me (and many others) learn and achieve more than we ever imagined.

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Awesome thank you. I think I will record a video at some point as never played in front of anyone so that would help to get some feeedback :blush: it certainly seems like a very supportive community :guitar:


Hi Liz,

It is a very supportive community :blush: makes the whole journey even better!
I am based in Kent, melting away right now.



Hello Leanne, your story of making a start and hitting a road block only for Justin’s lessons to help you get around it is a familiar one to many of the folk here. You’re in good company with many fellow travellers to share the journey.

Hi Leanne,
Welcome and i wish you a lot of fun and don’t hesitate to post a video of yourself :sunglasses:…just do it :smile: