Hello from the UK!

Hello everyone,
I think my story seems to be quite similar to others here. I’ve owned guitars since I was a teenager (34 now), I never really took playing seriously, just a few open chords and strumming stuff. When lockdown arrived I decided it was a great opportunity to start learning ‘properly’. Took lessons over skype and my eyes were opened!

Fast forward to now, I’ve learned a handful of lead and rhythm parts, trying to wrap my head around the theory I need, learned a few scales, but my real current goal is to be able to improvise playing blues.

I’ve always been kind of skeptical about online lessons and courses but I found the ‘playing the changes’ course on this site and it really inspired me! There is so much information here, and it’s really clearly explained, a lot to get stuck into!

I’m normally the ‘passive observer’ type, but after browsing this forum a little I thought I’d pop in and say hey.


Welcome Joe.
Glad to have you aboard mate.
Justin truly is a tremendous teacher, and together with this great community, real, solid progress on guitar can be made.
Join in mate; its a great space, full of folks of all levels, with a genuine ethos of encouragement.

Cheers, Shane

Same! Getting there slowly (started [again] in Jan).

Getting some techniques by learning from BB King and Joe B etc Some of those BB bends are punishing, and getting the hang of micro bends and tones for +1.5 steps etc isnt easy

I’ve got a few scale shapes down but right now I think I am going to work on CAGED and in one key and learn it in every position (but which scale?) then it should be easy enough to shift to another.

Good luck in your journey!

Hello and welcome to the community Joe. :slight_smile:

Yes, lots to learn in a very well structured way. Enjoy your journey.

Hey Joe, welcome to the Community.

You will find plenty of material to help you achieve your goal to play blues lead.

I’d suggest whizz through Grades 1-3 to review and, where necessary, strengthen your foundation. And from there you’ll find course to take you into blues lead.

Have fun.

Good to meet you James :slight_smile: and best of luck with your aspirations! - Mark.

Hey Joe (haha love saying that!). Welcome to the Community.

Welcome Joe - nice to have you along.

Thanks you all for the warm welcome! Looking forward to participating in the community and getting stuck in to some playing.

Currently trying to work my way through the first solo of crossroads. Might have bitten off more than I can chew!!

Welcome Joe.

All the good messages and advice said already, so I won’t duplicate. Just shout up for advice, guidance or help whenever you need it. Lots of peeps here to help you out.


Hi Joe, a very warm welcome. I’m sure there will be folk interested in your thoughts on the skype lessons.
For blues: