Hello from Toronto, Canada

Hi All,
My name is Chirag and I’ve been air guitaring for over 20 years :stuck_out_tongue: . I’ve picked the guitar up every now and then, borrowing from a friend, learning a chord or two and then returning.

In 2019, I decided to pick the guitar up seriously but budget was an issue so I bought a cheap donner guitar off of amazon. I did this because I wanted to get into a legitimate routine before buying a more expensive guitar. But I just did not love that guitar at all. Further, I went into some deep career crisis and the guitar started to gather dust and my dream to get better at the instrument died again.

Last month I landed a new job and I started to feel happier again. I also randomly stumbled across a Justin e-mail (which I usually delete, sorry Justin). I learnt that the website has been completely revamped. So many new features with a supportive community I had no idea about. I started going through the website again and decided on a fresh start (for the third time haha). I decided to buy a new guitar and boy was that necessary. Going to a real store and buying a guitar that feels like its your baby is crucial advice I’d like to give to anyone buying their first guitar. Just don’t buy one online. Hold it, feel it, buy what feels good!

It’s been 15 days and I feel that I’m on a good path, for now atleast. I can play 8 open chords. I don’t transition too well, strumming needs some work too but I feel confident I’m not quitting any time soon.

I look forward to connecting with you all and learning about your journeys :slight_smile:


Hi Chirag ! Welcome to JG, new site is good isnt it.

Hey Chirag, welcome to the community. Many of us here have had multiple attempts before the guitar bug finally bit hard enough. I tried once just under 30 years ago and then life / job / family got in the way. 10 years ago the bug finally bit me hard enough that I stuck with it. And what a great 10 years that’s been. Hang in there and you’ll be amazed at the rewards you get from your guitar.

it’s awesome! and can’t believe its all free!

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Yep - I know Justin has a few areas he charges for but still he matches any other paid service with just the free content…

Hello Chirag and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this time life will not get in the way for you.

Welcome to the Community, Chirag. Wish you well on the learning path. Sounds like you are well set to sustain learning this time round.

Welcome Chirag, your in good company this seems a common theme.
Its about having a passion and a huge smile on your face every time you pickup your guitar to practice and feel like a rock god when you nail something :sunglasses:
As Justin says this should be fun :joy:

Hello again Chirag.

Now I see the story behind the name. :smile: Bet you wished you’d not been deleting those mails, seeing everything all bright shiny and new, even the new Community :rofl:
Welcome on board and see you Saturday.



Hello Chirag, welcome!! Great to see someone in here so early in their journey, enjoy it. Could not agree more about getting into a store to pick your guitar. You know when you’ve found “the one”.
Everything will come with time, trust in JG!! :wink:

Hi Chirag, welcome. When you are going through the lessons is important to develop a self assessment ability to decide when is worthy to spend more time improving in something and when is good enough for now and you can move to the next. Justin provide some guidelines for that in the lessons, an appropriate bar height for each lesson and skill level. Good that you found a guitar that inspires you.