Hello from Tye in Wisconsin

Hello my name is Tye and I am from Wisconsin. Since I was 10 years old in the mid 90’s I have always wanted to pick up a guitar and learn to play. My influences for wanting to pick up the guitar are James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. Their melodic and musical genius behind their guitar playing have always inspired me at a young age and to this day. A quick back story of why I finally picked up the guitar. I served in the United States Marine Corps from 2006 to 2010. I unfortunately developed PTSD and Severe Depression from my time in service. After years of trying to find new ways to grow and ultimately get better I had the best idea of my life :grinning: I decided to pick up the guitar that I always wanted to learn and began teaching myself through the best online program Justin Guitar. I have been playing for about a month and a half now and I can already tell a difference in my depression and PTSD. I love Justin Guitar so much for helping me regain parts of my life back, but I plan on going through the entire course so I can eventually live out my life long dream of playing my favorite Metallica songs. Thank you Justin and the community for the support in helping me realize my dreams are possible while simultaneously getting bits and pieces of my life back!!! Take care!!


Hi Ty and welcome to the Community,

Well I guess there is nothing better than music to lift the spirits and if you are making it yourself so much the better. They also say laughter is the best medicine and you’ll find a shed load of that here, coz we are a warm friendly bunch who want to have fun and enjoy playing. So laughter and music in a one stop shop, what more do you need.

Really glad its helping your PTSD, I have no experience and can only imagine. Folks are here for you and not just help with playing. Reach our when you need to, 24x7 service available free of charge.




Hello Tye, Semper Fi! Army vet here, also suffering with PTSD so I totally relate with you. I find alot of comfort and therapy with the instrument, and music in general. You’ve found the best program and community there is for learning guitar. Justin is pretty dang cool too! Best wishes in your journey Marine and thank you for serving!

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Thanks for the kind words, and I agree that Justin has created a safe space for my self and others to feel comfortable being our selves to share and grow as a community as well as individually. I look forward to countless hours of scrolling the threads looking for tips and tricks to further my guitar education and progress. I also look forward to when I feel a bit more comfortable uploading progress videos for constructive criticism, and to see how much I have grown since starting on day one :metal:


More kind words that I couldn’t be more thankful for. I find comfort that your guitar journey has brought you comfort and therapy. I am just starting out and I can say already that this has been the best therapy tool I have found to date, and for the first time in a long time I feel excitement and happiness in something I am doing. Stay strong my Army brother and thank you for your service! :metal:

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Excellent stuff @Tyrod - I also suffer from depression and have found the guitar to be a great help when I’m having one of those days. I can usually feel the improvement within 10 or 15 minutes of playing to my mood. Keep playing. I also follow Tony Polecastro (didn’t particularly enjoy his online courses, but do like his weekly video cast) and he has a merchandise store where the profits go to a program of guitars for vets, perhaps you could be a beneficiary of that program.


Welcome Tye, thank you for sharing some of your backstory. One of the main reasons I picked up the guitar a couple of years ago was to try to find a new coping mechanism for depression. It has been really good for me. If I’m starting to go through a rough patch, there is something about the way those steel strings feel under my fingers that helps me level out instead of going into a free fall. I hope your guitar will bring you the same benefits! Looking forward to seeing you here in the Community!


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Hello and welcome to the community Tye. :slight_smile:

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I really like guitar for vets and I tried so hard to be part of that program. Problem was the closest guitar for vets was an hour away from my residence both ways which is once a week for 20 weeks, if I remember correctly, normally that may not have been a huge issue. however, I have this stupid problem that won’t allow me to leave my house and be out in the community. I know I’m being a downer so please no one feel bad for me as I am working with professionals to fix this problem. Plus the way the guitar makes me feel gives me great hope and motivation to overcome this and get back out there as soon as possible.

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I wish I could say the same thing about the strings feeling good under my fingers, but I’m still in the stage of finger pain :rofl: Once I get past that that I can totally imagine what you mean. Also, I wasn’t expecting such an overwhelming response to my post and I am very thankful for the kind words from everyone!

Thanks SgtColon for the welcome, looking forward to being apart of the community!

At the risk of having to dodge :tomato:’s: It hurts so good!

Perhaps I’m the only sick so-and-so that kind of likes the finger pain. Just a little bit, mind you. And not that “bleeding fingers” kind of finger pain. Just, you know… the bit that reminds me that I’ve been playing my guitar and I’m getting better at it!

I’ll see myself out…

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:rofl: That was a good laugh thanks for that as I needed it.

When I first started playing, my fingers could only take 5 minutes at a time. My goal then was to play 15 minutes a day so I played my 5 minutes 3 times or sometimes more a day. I was fortunate in that I worked from home so I would play while I waited for my cup of tea to steep, good thing I like my tea strong.

The finger pain does get better.

Welcome to the Community, Ty. Wish you well!

After 4 months of trying , 45mins a day, my fingers are still very painful, they have hardened up on tips but still painful, tried reducing practice but still the same, putting me off a bit now, but want to carry on.

Eric, I’m curious if you have had your guitar looked at and perhaps adjusted. It’s possible that you are working far too hard if your setup is not optimal.

You might try playing a few other guitars at a music store just for comparison. If you’ve only been playing the same guitar then it might be a good experience to see what different guitars feel like. If other guitars feel a lot easier then it’s very possible you would benefit from getting your guitar setup to play more easily.

Is it also possible that you are simply pressing much harder than you really need to be?

+1 on the question re having the guitar set up. I wasn’t really sure how much benefit there would be to it but the difference it made to my acoustic was significant. I was finding it tough to play but since the action was lowered it’s now easier to play than my electric.