Hello from Warren in western British Columbia, Canada. I'm also new to the App and looking for help

Hi everyone, I know I’ve been on here for a while now but today I “got off the fence” and bought the App. I may have mentioned earlier that I first picked up a guitar 9 years ago! Now I know almost all the open chords and and ‘try to play’ a few songs but I’ve always had a medical issue with my right arm. I know some 3 and 4 chord song but like I said, I need Help!!! I’ve noticed most of the group are from the UK and the US. Is anyone from western BC. Canada? So, does it take a bit to learn to use Justin’s App?


It didn’t take me long to learn to use it, I started with songs under 100 bpm and then slowed it down to even 50% until I got the hang of it. Then just practice, practice, practice!

I may be from the US, but when I lived in California, I drove up the coast and visited BC! Very pretty. :upside_down_face:

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Hi Warren, it was a good decision to give the App a try. I’m using it since the beginning and it was and is a great tool. I use the App not for lessons, but for the play along function, as backing track or the metronome function, when I start to work on a song.

The App functions are relatively easy to understand, some things maybe are a bit hidden. What are the things you struggle with? If you get a little more concrete, users are able to help you. Feel free to ask, maybe we can solve your questions. Have a lot of fun with it.

Hi again. I did download the app and I get logged-in to the account page. I understand that I have to pay, okay. Is it best to “e-transfer”? because I tried to use a credit card and I think there was a snafu… On the account page all it says is " Choose your plan" but it won’t let me continue…
any suggestions?

It’s been a couple of years now, but when I subscribed on my iPad it was just done as a subscription through Apple’s App Store, where I already had a credit card on file.

You need to tell us what platform you are on - iOS or Android - so we can better help you.

It turns out, that I did pay via Master Card on the 3 June 2023. but it just plays a portion of the Backing Track that I picked to play with… Seeing that I did pay , do I have to click “Start you 7 day trial” or will that put a SNFU into the the system ?

Welcome to the community,Warren :slightly_smiling_face:As Tom said, please tell us, what platform you are on: Android or iOS?

That will make it so much easier for us to help.

Could you also give us the title of the song whose backing track you checked out? Then we can test if there are currently any issues with resp. track :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Warren and welcome to the community.
Our community has members from all across the globe, many from Canada too.
As to the App and its functions, you will get plenty of advice and help as we have many people who use it regularly.

Welcome to the Community Warren, from a fellow Canuck. We lived in Abbotsford for a year and then Victoria for 5 years in the early 90’s, but have been back home in Northwestern Ontario since then. There’s quite a few Canadians active in the Community you’ll find. I’m not on the App so will leave others to respond to that inquiry :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Warren, welcome. Good you’re learning songs to apply those open chords you now know. Have you logged out and logged in again in the app? It looks the app had not recognized you as paid user yet. You can try also this link to find help with the app.

Welcome to the forum Warren. I’m on the other side of the Rocky’s from you.

The tracks I tried are “End of the Line” and “Handle with Care”.

Just a sec. I will check :slightly_smiling_face:

Done. I am on Android version 3.5.1. I checked both songs at 100 % speed.

For “End of the line” the app offers +band; + vocals; and clicks. I took a look at all of these versions at 100% speed and everything works just fine for me.

For “Handle with care”, the app offers only “practice”, which will give you a backing track, and “clicks”. Again, I checked both of these versions at 100% speed and everything works just fine for me.

Now, you might want to check if you are using the most up-to-date version of the app. If not: Update :slightly_smiling_face:

Then, as someone suggested above, try logging out and in again. In case that does not lead to any positive results either, go ahead and contact @MusopiaApps . They are usually fast to respond and will surely gladly help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the Community, Warren :guitar::clap::ok_hand:

Hi Warren, as others have said, lots of us Canuck’s here. I used to be just on the other side of the Rockies from you but on the east coast now.
The app is easy to use just poke around a bit and if needed lots of help available here.
Cheers and Welcome

HI Warren, welcome to the community. I have heard others suggest that if a song in the app is also available as a song lesson on the website, that it is useful to watch the Justin Guitar website song lesson first, then play the song in the app. I hope you have a lot of fun playing with the app.

Hello Warren and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

There is plenty of help here to assist you with your guitar learning.

Welcome, Warren :wave: lots of helpful and supportive people here, have fun :v:

Welcome to the Community Warren.