Hello fron ChongJasmine from Singapore I am learning guitar to worship God!

Hi, I am chongjasmine from Singapore! I am mainly interested in learning guitar to worship God! I hope to learn how to play praise and worship songs!


Hello Chong and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

It is always good to have something to drive us to our goals. I’m sure Justin’s course will provide what you need.

Welcome Chong good to meet you.

The good thing about Justin, is that he is teaching you to play the guitar not just a particular style or styles. If you can play the guitar you can play any music you want, so your goals are more than achievable but plenty of folk here to help you when you get stuck and need advice.



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Welcome to the community. I echo Toby’s thoughts. Although there are some advanced styles of music that require specific techniques, until you reach that stage, all guitar fundamentals are the same and will take you a long way (and some styles of music never even require knowledge/skills beyond the fundamentals)

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Welcome to the Community and good luck in your guitar journey!

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Welcome to the community. We are here to offer support on your journey. Justin’s course is a great option to learn the techniques needed to play songs of praise and worship. Good luck and great to meet you.

Jeff from California USA

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Hello and welcome to the community Chong.
Guitar is guitar songs are songs, whether it is a lonesome blues pmayer singing of selling their soul to the devil or a celebratory worship group singing spiritual songs.
Start with 2 or 3 chords and you are on your way.