Hello, I'm Kevin from Arkansas in the USA

I bought my guitar in 2012. Since then, I have been searching for a program that would work for me. I tried programs by big-name guitar manufacturers, but none of them taught me how to stick with it and learn to play. It wasn’t until Dec 2019 that I decided to buckle down and learn to play. I did a Google search, and Justin’s program kept popping up. So at 54, I created an account and got to work. Three years later, with the help of Justin’s videos, I am able to play songs, something none of the other programs could do.

So thanks, Justin and team. Keep up the excellent work.


Hey Kevin, welcome to the community. That’s great news. Keep at it. I started 10 years ago at the age of 53 and Justin’s courses certainly made a difference for me. It’s such fun being able to play.


Hiya Kevin, welcome!! Justin seems to have this knack of getting us all going, chalk up another one :wink:

Can’t wait to hear more from you :+1:


Welcome to the forum Kevin


Hi Kevin,
Welcome and a lot of fun here :sunglasses:


Hello and welcome aboard Kevin. :slight_smile:

Justin’s course is great and his enthusiasm just keeps you coming back for more and then before you know it you can play a tune.


So true. I also like his realism. He doesn’t say you’ll learn to play in a week. He says it will be a lot of work, but you can do it.


HI Kevin,

We love hearing success stories from Justin’s. Other than being a great teacher, Justin is always trying to improve the course and bring something new. I find myself going back to previous videos to review what I have learned throughout the course. I especially like his psychology/deep thinking type of videos that put your playing in perspective. I first bought a guitar back in 2004 and played so badly the dogs would howl and run for cover. Now thanks to Justin I am on my way to my goal of performing in public. I do it a little bit now, but still an advanced beginner stage. Keep at it, record your progress and you will see how skilled you can be with Justin guitar supporting you. Thanks for stopping in to say hello.

Jeff from California


Hi, I’m Kevin from Madrid in Spain :sweat_smile:
Always great to read these stories, you’re in the right place.
Don’t hesitate to come to the community for any sort of thing, great bunch of people here.

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Hello Kevin, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:.

So many people here with a more or less similar story: tried to learn to play the guitar for years; nothing really worked; finally found Justins website and YES :smiley:.

I guess, I really had luck, finding JG right at the beginning of my guitar journey :blush:.

I wish you lots of fun with your six-string-friend :grinning:.


Hi Kevin.
A very warm welcome to the community.
So good to hear that Justin has helped you learn to play.
Here’s to many years of little rock!

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Hi Kevin and welcome, it’s great to hear you’re finally achieving your goal of playing songs. Its onwards and upwards from here :smiley:

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