Hello I'm Stepan in from Czech Republic!

Hello community,

My name is Stepan (or Steve in English) I am beginer guitar player - sort of. I always wanted to play electric guitar - to play classic rock and metal, but after few weeks with accoustic guitar when I was young and few tries with guitars of my friends than I gived up. I couldnt figure out how to play with pick, which is somehow essential. I was too scared to learn it.

So I played a bass guitar at university (I still have it - but dont play it much nowdays) - since you can play that with fingers and there is usualy fewer strings. :slight_smile:

Fast forward to now, when I am bit old to learn new tricks at 34 years old when I finally decided that I will buy my own six string electric guitar to try to play it. I risked and bought my first guitar used and online - but I think I hit solid piecefor that price - circa 2000s Korean made B.C. Rich Assassin neck-thru. (I did not wanted a tremolo on guitar, but…)

But the best thing is that thanks to JutinGuitar I can play it! Its Marvelous! I am very glad that I started again with playing - the courses are wonderfull! Many many thanks!


Welcome to the forum Stepan


Hello Stepan, a very warm welcome to the community.

This below …

… is just fantastic!


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welcome to the community Stepan. Great to hear from you, so cool you finally are making music.


Welcome Stepan! Thanks for sharing your story and awesome to hear you’re enjoying getting into playing guitar again! :sunglasses: :+1:

Did a search on this guitar and, WOW! Looks sick! Nice buy! :guitar::metal::confounded:

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Welcome to the community Stepan. There’s lots of good people here with plenty of help and encouraging words.

Welcome Stepan, great place to learn! An a vivid, helpful and supportive community will help you to learn, too.

Hi Stepan, welcome! If you think 34 is a bit old to learn new tricks you’ve got some pleasant surprises to come your way!! :wink:

With you all the best, the courses are ,indeed, wonderful! Have fun :+1:

Hi Stepan, I’m a Steven from the uk. Nice guitar you got there.

This my Czech working line Shepherd.

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Hello and welcome to our community Stepan. :slight_smile:

I think that there are quite a few people who don’t use a pick to play the guitar, so maybe try an acoustic again once you feel comfortable to do so.

Hi Stephan,
Welcome ,and i wish you a lot of fun,… :sunglasses:

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Welcome Stepan. Hope you have a great time learning.

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Hello Stepan enjoy your guitar journey and the community :smile:

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Well, the thing is most songs I like are played on electric guitar. Acoustic is por sure fine, but I always had problem with strumming patterns - when I tried to learn by myself I was lost and wasnt able to figure that out. Now with these lessons I think I will be able to play somehow Johny Cash songs. Funny enough I do not find using a pick that hard now.


Nice dog - its not very usual breed.

Welcome to Guitartown! Can you recommend a good, readily available Czech beer? If you know of one that uses Saaz hops, that would be a bonus.

Well, I found a nice pale ale that uses Saaz hops:
I liked this beer very much. I may use some Saaz in my own brewing.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, music. Play on playa!

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Hmmm depends on the place where you live. Czech beers are very traditional Pilsner style lagers mostly - funny thing is that most big names Czech beers available abroad are the brands I would not touch with 10 yard pole :grinning: Except for Pilsner Urquel and Budweiser Budvar these are OK. I will recommand Bernard beers. Lately small breweries with more experimental types emerged - “Pivovar Matuška” will be my choice of the best. Regarding the hops I am afraid I dont know.

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Thanks! I could talk brewing all day. :slight_smile: Rest assured that I have some ales with Saaz that are bottle conditioning as we speak. It’s a wonderful hop. Lagers and Pilsners are not in my headspace at the moment. I’m mostly doing American Pale Ale and American Brown Ale. Here’s a track that I recorded celebrating my first home brew which was an American Brown Ale clone named Caribou Slobber

Nice - I have had my litlle “lost in translation moment” because I was thinking that Saaz hops is some new think, where its our most known hops named after the town/region where they are from. I never thinked there is non-Czech name for it.
Meanwhile I bougt another guitar - another Korean made Epiphone LP custom…it was a bargain.