Hello, I'm Vidwork - an older newbie from the UK just saying hi

Hi everyone an older newbie just starting out on what I hope will be a good experience. Still in the early days so finger pain still there lol


Welcome, Simon.

Don’t worry, with consistent practice and playing finger pain will soon be a distant memory. :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,

Welcome, I too am a newbie from UK! I started my journey with Justin’s Grade 1 course in mid-November, this weekend I’ll be wrapping up with the consolidation module of Grade 1. I’d describe the feeling in my fingers as a tingling sensation rather than pain at this point - not something I really think about any more.

Good luck on your journey!

Welcome, Simon.

That finger pain is one of those rites of passage. As @J.W.C said with regular practise it will soon pass.

Everything will feel awkward at first but that’s how it is for everyone. Just be patient and keep at it following the lessons and the experience will be good.

Welcome aboard! I started back in October; the finger pain will pass. Enjoy the experience!:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all the kind words. I have tried not to set myself rigid practice times and feel that by saying " I will just go and have 10 mins" I end up doing more like 30 or so minutes and not realising how long I have been practising.

Welcome to your new addiction !

Good to see your here Simon, as others have said that finger pain will pass with practice. :sunglasses:

Welcome, Simon. Perhaps setting aside a particular time of day to practice may not work, but I encourage you to keep playing something and following the lesson path at least five days a week. 20 minutes or so will be enough. The pain will dissipate and the enjoyment will increase the more you share with your guitar.

Hi Simon and welcome. Yep that finger pain will be there for a while…but it should be short practice sessions anyway at the start so hopefully you can hang in there,

Hi Simon, welcome to the community - finger pain is par for the course and as everyone has said it soon becomes a memory (and a reminder not to take too long off from practicing). There’s plenty of older members here so you’re definitely not alone!
One piece of advice I would give to you is to put your guitar (preferably on a stand) close to where you are most of the time and when you feel like it just pick it up and have a go, even if it’s only a couple of minutes it all adds up.
Good luck, enjoy the road to becoming a musician!

Hi and welcome Simon. If time permits, you can break your practice into multiple shorter times each day to ease the initial finger pain. As you progress and build the calluses the pain will eventually subside.

Hello Simon and welcome to the community.

Hey welcome in! You’re in good company. Plenty of folks here are in their 50s and up and making great progress and having a blast. The finger pain gets better, don’t push it and take breaks if you need to.

No worries @Vidwork it will get better :smiley: just keep practicing!

Well I am absolutely buzzing as I have just had a practice session and managed to get both the A and D chords ringing out, not just once but several times which I have struggled with the last couple of days. It feels like a corner has been turned, and I am really enjoying the time that I spend practicing


Great job well done! Now onto some easy A and D songs :blush:

Good on you for the quick win! As others have said, the finger pain will get better rather soon. I may be a bit odd, but I actually kind of like that slight pain - it kind of lets me know that I am really doing something. Of course, there is a difference between tolerable levels of pain and serious pain! Don’t overdo it!

Hey Simon, good to have you here. The finger pain will ease, hang in there.

That’s brilliant, soak up the feeling, Simon. And that’s the pattern as you progress: learn, practice, achieve … rinse and repeat ad infinitum. And now you can pick out songs that use A and D and start to work on playing them.

Hello Simon and welcome. :slight_smile:

That is great when your nots start to right true. It’s a great journey that just keeps giving. Stick with it and before you know it you’ll be strumming out tunes and having a good sing along, with a huge smile on your face.