Hello - James from Navajo NM

Hello, here to learn and play. hope you are all doing well.


@beneckejames Hi! Hope you enjoy your time here no matter what level your at. :smile:


I’m not to sure what level I am. I have Been playing since I was 17 now I am 43 but I never had any learning resources besides a few guitar magazines until I found Justin about 6 months ago all I have ever been playing is chords and the blues scale. I used to play and sing nirvana & nofx songs for change in front of the store. I have 10 kids and 3 grandkids still play about 2 to 3 hours a day. I want to play like Johnny Winter, Jimi, SRV and or punk and metal but it seems so hard to learn metal I know I need to tackle the rhythm courses I just keep skipping that. I got an interface to play rocksmith and I recorded some songs on YT I posted it in the record yourself section.


Welcome, James! Glad you found Justin. Hopefully his instruction will help you to take your guitar to the next level!

Jimi, SRV, Johnny Winter! Wow, you’ve definitely set a high bar for yourself.
Good luck on reaching your goal. Cheers, from Central Coast California.
(P.S. I’m 74 and was lucky enough to see Jimi 2 times, and SRV once, when
Bonnie Raitt opened for him).

Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy it here.

Wow that’s really cool that you got to see them. Hopefully I will have some major improvements withing a year or 2 with all these learning resources now. Thanks for the welcome.

Thank you.

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Welcome to the Community James.

When you say you found Justin was that in YouTube or via the website ? Just wondered if you were using the syllabus to fill in the gaps in your knowledge, given your comments above. If you are not I’d strongly recommend it. I am sure you’d be able to gloss through the early grades but equally sure you’ll find some gems and nuggets on the way and get an idea of the level you are at now. That will give you some direction to go, with regards to those greats you mention and the development material required.

Good to have you on board.



I found Justin by searching reddit and any other info I could find for best free guitar lessons and I started from the beginning and did all courses up to grade 4 so far but I skipped the fingerstyle and rhythm patterns so far. I live on the Navajo reservation. Up till January I had just been looking up a song by the chords and then playing and singing it my own way. Now I’m committed to learning.

I would really like to say thank you to Justin and everyone who makes this possible with their contributions so people like myself who are to poor to afford a teacher or lessons have way to learn. Thanks!

Hello and welcome to the community James. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your journey.

Hello James, a very warm welcome to the community.