Hello Justin Guitar Community, My Name Is Also Justin!

Hi All, Really having fun learning guitar so far, been using this website around 6 months now I’d say. Loving learning the Guitar.
Running an Epiphone SG on a Fender Mustang 50W and Acoustic Epiphone AJ.
In Melbourne Australia, so if anyone around the same level as me, definitely keen to play with someone else. My mates I try and play along with are far more advanced than I am and leave me way behind!


Welcome Justin, I believe you’ll find out you’re in the right place!
Seems like a lot of aussies joining the community lately, wouldn’t be too hard to find someone here to jam with.
I’d suggest you to record yourself and post here 📣 Audio-Video of You Playing - JustinGuitar Community
If you have any doubts or want honest and positive advice it’s the best place to do it.
Check the site out, lots of good tips and encouragement from people with different musical journeys.

Welcome Justin!!

Looking forward to see your playing and progress :grin:

Welcome to the Community, Justin. I can’t recall if any of the recent joiners from Australia mentioned being based in Melbourne. You can post a request in #social:meeting-place to find a jam buddy. Meanwhile as Kevin suggested, making recordings and sharing is a great way to receive feedback and encouragement.

Hi Justin, and a very warm welcome to the community.

A quick search brings up at least three Melbourne based :

@RodC @davemac @JohnBLearning

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That’s some Mark Zuckerberg magic you just did there :o


Impressive Mod moves and service right there @Richard_close2u :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Welcome! I will have to refer to you as Nitsuj though, since Justin is already taken. LOL

Welcome Justin, you’ve come to a great forum.

As Richard said, I’m also Melbourne based.

Hello and welcome to the community Justin.

Welcome from a fellow Melbourne native, as per Richard’s post above …