Hello - Kevin From Hannover (Germany)

Hi everybody!

My Name is Kevin, I am 29 Years old and live in Hannover (Germany). I started with music as a Child, when I got Violin lessons. It really wasn’t that much fun, but I stuck with it quite some time. After that I had an off-and-on-relationship with guitar for about 10 years, and then stopped playing music all along for a couple of years.

But then - Covid! Suddenly I had a loooooot of spare time and started making music again! I found JustinGuitar pretty quick and loved it! I started with Modul 1, Lesson 1 and did every lesson, until Modul 5 over the last two years. It was great, because I could finally fill in the blanks that I had.

Right now I am playing a lot of Fingerstile stuff, like Jazz arrangements, and already posted one video here in the forum. Really thankful for your great feedback :slight_smile: I am super curious for the Jazz Lessons in Module 6, but I promised myself to not skip lessons, so I think ill stuck in module 5 for a while still :wink: (It is great content anyway! :smiley: )

So… In a pretty chaotic world (I know, very dramatic), with my guitar I finally have something that would depend on anything else but the work I put into the instrument. That really helped me a lot, and I am super grateful to Justin and his wonderful team for this gift that got me through the last 2,5 years :slight_smile: So, thanks a lot to everybody involved - I couldn’t have done it without you!

A big hug from Germany,


Hey Kevin, welcome along!
That’s some musical background you have there, I think many of us relate only to well to Covid being a kickstart either into or back into music. Sounds like you have a pretty diverse skillset as you’ve already shown in your AVOYP post.
Terrific to have you with us, no doubt you’ll take alot from Justin’s courses :+1:


Without any doubt, Justin is the best! :blush:

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HI Kevin,

Welcome! I saw your first post and you sound great, looking forward to hearing more stuff from you.

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Ein wunderschöner irischer Name, den du hast, Kevin :wink:
Welcome to the Community-
I hope you enjoy your participation :smiley:

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Hey Kevin, welcome to the community. My family is originally from Germany. Glad to hear you are enjoying the guitar.

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Weil, thanks a lot to all of you for your warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Quick question, how can I add a video directly to a topic? Everybody else does it, I only managed to add a youtube link :crazy_face:

Hello Kevin and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear that you rediscovered guitar again. It bring so much happiness to life.

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Yes, happiness in life for me… but also, it annoys my wife. :smiley:

Thanks for adding and Intro and sharing some of your background, Kevin. I look forward to your continued participation and continued sharing of jazz standards.

Hello Kevin, welcome to the community.

If you paste a youtube link on the same line as something you have typed it will only show as a clickable link. If you paste it following a ‘Return’ on your keyboard, on a brand new line, it will embed the video.

example 1 … [ if you paste a Youtube link here, it will show just the link ]

example 2 … if you paste a Youtube link
it will show as a video pane and can be played within the topic.

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A big, rather hot, hug from England Kevin. :sunglasses::musical_note:

Hallo Kevin, wie geht’s?
Have fun and enjoy.