Hello, learner Bob here

Hello everyone. I have recently posted a video (my first) in the beginners safe space and was advised to post an introduction here.

I’m Bob and I’ve been playing (seriously) for about 18 months having bought my first guitar in 2016. I tried a couple of different self learning methods online before this and they petered out. So glad I tried Justin Guitar as when I started I wouldn’t have believed I could play a song right through, never mind put it online. I don’t see me ever quitting now.

I have also tested positive for Guitar Acquisition Syndrome which I think has settled down for now with 5 acoustics and 3 electrics. I love a solid top or all wood acoustic and have spent many hours perusing all the lovely options online. I definitely lean more towards acoustics as I enjoy strumming and singing. I’m always printing off more song tabs. I would definitely like to improve with barre chords, power chords, soloing and fingerstyle. I just wish I had more time and may have to focus on one or 2 of these and knuckle down.

After receiving some very kind comments on my video I would definitely encourage others contemplating it to dive in. You only have fear to lose.


Hullooo Bob! Welcome to JG!

Theres no known cure! Do we have photos of these symptoms?

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Thanks for the welcome Rob. Great name too.

Regarding the acquisition issue: I was told by a man “The next one will fix it”. I was in a guitar shop at the time and he was behind the counter. I am not certain this was completely impartial advice.

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Sounds like wise advice!

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It’s terrible advice but you have to keep checking to see that’s still the case in an ever changing world.

welcome to the community, great to hear from you.

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Thanks for the intro, Bob. Keep on keeping on and you’ll achieve the improvements you desire.

Would love to see pictures of your collection or, at least a list of the instruments. Maybe some suffer another GAS infection just looking, I’ve been vaccinated so not too concerned. Love admiring other people’s instruments.

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Oh I love that !! Welcome Bob and thanks for the intro. Make yourself at home.


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Hello and welcome to the community Bob. :slight_smile:

Hey there Bob, welcome and well done again on your video posting. That’s some GAS affliction to have a collection of 8 in that time, nice one :wink:

Really pleased you’re finding success, like the rest of us, with Justin and can’t wait for more from you.

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Hi David

Yes It got a bit crazy and even the wife got infected (4). We’ve recently sold off a couple of laminates as we are both wood snobs now. I would struggle to part with my first one though, a Jasmine which cost £99 and is great value.

My list:

Jasmine JO-36CE (OM)
Taylor GS Mini (deceptively loud for size)
Eastman E2OM (cedar top, lovely)
Yamaha AC3R (OM ,in playing video)
Fender DG20S (dreadnought)

Cort G100 (strat copy)
Thinline Telecaster from kit
Ibanez ASV73 (semi-hollow)

Quite a few bases covered there so at peace for now at least.

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Welcome Bob. Nice to have you here. I’ve only been playing about 5 months but luckily I found Justin Guitar first.

So far I’ve managed to resist GAS.

All the best


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Hi Bob, Welcome loofward to hearing more from you good luck with the GAS once you have it its for life so need to lean to live with it :rofl: :+1:

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I was wondering if there might be support groups? You could all sit in a circle and take turns to tell your story: “My name is Bob and it’s been 43 days since I last bought a guitar” that sort of thing.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Hi Bob, welcome here…I know the GASyndrom allthough a fresh beginner…and seeing some pics we are not the only ones infected… :sweat_smile: :rofl:
here is my small collection…


Welcome aboard fellow G.A.S. victim (or is it beneficiary?)!

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Hello Bob. A very warm welcome to you and your wife. You have found the perfect place for amazing lesson content, fantastic folks who are supportive and encouraging, plus a group who will sympathetically smile at your GAS.

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Lovely :+1::heart_eyes:

All the best to you too @myall_blues. Stay strong with the Gas thing.

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