Hello - Lisa from Germany here

Hi folks! :slight_smile:

My name’s Lisa and I’m (still) 33 years old, living close to Frankfurt/Germany. I’ve been hanging around JustinGuitar for a few months now and finally made up my mind saying “Hi!” to all the other lovely guitar fellows out here. :grinning:

My guitar journey started around 20 years ago (seriously? Oh my, time flies…), when I got myself a terrible 30 Euro-guitar from the ebay or whatsoever. By that time I was having piano lessons and just loved making music with my friends. Unfortunately, pianos can’t be taken around easily (haha), so I came up with the idea of learning guitar as well - just loved the sound of them and how many musical possibilities they offer. Started out as a self learner with some books and stuff from the internet. Looking back, I only come to one conclusion: If I had only known JustinGuitar back in those days! :-/
But I just enjoyed learning and playing, got a nice Cort Jumbo guitar (Earth-70E NS, it felt as I could hide behind it) after a few months when my parents got the idea, I will stick to the guitar. :slight_smile:

To shorten the story: I made myself an ok-ish campfire player in my teenage years, singing along to the same old strumming patterns and crappy fingerstyle. I even wrote some songs back then (most of them terrible!) and entertained my friends or family at parties or birhtdays. Friends also gifted me a session at a Studio where I recorded a few of my songs - maybe I’ll share some later on… Music was pretty much my life back then.

But then, the real “serious” life entered the scene. Time for guitar was getting less, also had to give up piano lessons as my study was time consuming and I had to work in parallel. After my degrees I landed a job where I had to travel a lot, so the time I spent making music was getting lesser and lesser… probably, for some months or even a year or two, I didn’t even touch my guitars. I do regret this, as it is bringing sooo much joy and happiness to my life now.

Beginning of last year, I got a new job, moved to the neighbourhood of Frankfurt and fullfilled one of my biggest wishes I always had: got myself a 12-string (Martin D-X2E) and that was the spark relightening the fire in me. And that’s why I landed here: I wanted to restart and this time, build a solid foundation. So starting from grade one a few months ago, I am now in mid of grade 3. Still so many things to learn and explore - couldn’t be happier! :slight_smile:
As I said before: I wish I had known JustinGuitar earlier, as the structured lessons and pratice routines help me a lot and I have the feeling of making huge progress in relatively short time. Awesome! Thank you so much for creating such a great, happy and joyful place, Justin! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all, who made it till here - I am done for now. :rofl:

Have a fantastic day!
Cheers - Lisa


Hey Lisa, welcome to the community, congratulations on the 12 string. I come from a German family, my 3 older brothers were born in Germany, I was born 12 days after they migrated to the USA. They called me the family Volkswagen because I was made in Germany and shipped to America. Enjoy the guitar journey, it’s a lot of fun.


Welcome Lisa! :wave: Nice to to read your backstory, sounds like you have a good base to build from and will make quick progress. All the best with your journey, hope to see your playing some time if you felt comfortable with sharing a recording. Would be great to see that Martin in action! :wink:


Welcome to the Community, Lisa. Sounds like you picked up a very nice guitar. :smiley: :guitar:


Welcome to the forum Lisa


Grüß Gott Lisa and welcome to this wonderful community. 12 strings…wow… cool :sunglasses: Wish you an amazing and most enjoyable guitar journey :sunglasses: :partying_face:


Welcome, Lisa!!!
Have fun, and congrats on your move to Frankfurt!!!


Hello Lisa… welcome to the community :smiley:


Hello and welcome to our community Lisa. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a familiar story where the guitar is concerned. It’s great to have you here.


Hi Lisa,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
You can’t regret your “lost” time… you are so terribly young that I almost see green :upside_down_face:… you are half younger or moer to many here :smile:…so enjoy now to the maximum and dream softly of what is to come possible :smiley:


Hi Lisa, a warm welcome from another German! Enjoy your journey, you’re so young, with a lot of experience to build on! I only started at age 53, one and a half year ago, and I often ask myself why I wasted so many years! But, that’s life, there is a certain time for everything…
Have a lot of fun!


Welcome Lisa, nice back story, I would love a 12 string but not do it justice.


Welcome Lisa

What a brilliant gift. Sounds like your friends could see something special in your playing. I’m looking forward to hearing how this current chapter in your playing opens up.


Hello and welcome! Happy to see someone of a similar demographic on here (I haven’t seen too many thirty-somethings). Looking forward to hearing that new 12 string!


Good to meet you Lisa. I do love the sound of a 12 string :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the warm welcome @all! :smiley:

@tony I love the story of your nickname “Volkswagen”. :rofl:

@ReneAsologuitar are you also from Frankfurt or nearby?

Hello to the other Germans here as well! @kimlodrodawa and @Helen0609 and hello to my “Dutch neighbour” @roger_holland

@SgtColon Then I should check your guitar back story, too. It’s good knowing not being alone or share same experiences.

@Sound_Bound Yes, the day in the Studio was a brilliant gift. One of the greatest experiences in my life so far. I was thinking of re-doing some of the songs. So maybe, I will post a comparison between old and new. Those records are almost 15 years old and it feels a little bit awkward listening to them. :sweat_smile:

@all the others (I’m sorry, I can only mention 10 folks in one post and don’t wanna spam around): Thanks for the welcoming! When I’m ready for it, I will post me and my 12-string in action, promised. But regular practice is still only done on my old 6-string.

Again, thanks all for the warm welcome and having me here. I feel blessed. :slight_smile:

Keep on rocking, mates! :guitar:


Welcome aboard Lisa, sounds like you’ve got the commitment and drive, good on you. Enjoy that 12 string, personally I’m full on with 6 strings😂. This is s brilliant supportive community, just ask and everyone is there for you. Good luck with your journey. Have fun.


I am actually from Denmark, but lived in Austria, Oberösterreich for a couple of years. In Scharnstein near Linz, Voralpen. Aber Geht e um nichts :wink: :pray:


Well, that “Grüß Gott” got me. :rofl:
Then you went from up the north way down south, nice. Denmark is on my list for desired vacation destinations for ages!! Hope to get there within next 2-3 years. :grinning:


Thanks, Angie! To be honest, most of the time 6 strings are more than enough for me as well. :rofl:
But picking up the 12-string in between is awesome, though!