Hello. Mike from Pennsylvania

Looking forward to being a student of Justin’s lessons and began about 3 months ago. I’m finally getting to change chords in time with the background tracks, but it takes lots of practice, as you already know. Even though I am a much older student I have an advantage of being retired so I can practice as often as I want.
I live in a small town in Northeastern PA, but I’m somewhat familiar with Halifax, Yorkshire, having read James Harriets books and having written to a very distant friend during my high school years who lived in that same area of England. She told me about the Beatles long before we heard about them here in the states. They’re still my favorite band!
I’m glad I found Justin’s website and can’t wait to hit those chords automatically.
Take Care


Hi Mike,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Learn slowly and in the right order and you’ll hit those chords faster than you can imagine if you have a lot time to spare :sunglasses:


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Welcome to the forum Mike

Hi Mike, always a pleasure to welcome another 'old dog’ to the Community!

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Welcome aboard, Mike! :smiley:

Wish you loads of fun on your guitar journey.

Cheers - Lisa

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Hello Mike & Welcome!
As an older learner to another, take it slow - think “ The tortoise & the hare”! It’s easy to injure yourself trying to go too fast… that being said, keep your guitar handy, on a stand or hang it on a wall so you can play for a few minutes at a time often! It makes grabbing for a 5-10 session so easy!
James Herriot’s books were such a fun read, weren’t they? I really wish more authors could write as well!
Good luck with your musical journey!

Tod from New Mexico

Welcome aboard Mike, lots of us retirees on here.

I read them all many years ago. Absolutely loved them!

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Talking of old dogs, we got our late German Sheppard from Halifax, while still in West Yorks and before we up sticks to France ! Welcome to the Community Mike. :wave:


Welcome Mike! Wish you lots of fun with your guitar learning. You’ve found the right place to learn and a great community to interact with! All the best!

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Welcome to the forum!

You have found an excellent niche to perch on. :wink:

Rock on!

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Hi Mike, welcome to the community. Just be patient and keep practicing and you’ll be playing your chords in rhythms and up to tempo before you know it. There are quite a few Beatles songs in the song lessons, so have fun learning all the songs you love.

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Thanks to all of you who replied to my very first message. Every reply I received was filled with encouragement and was so positive. What a great community. Thanks for your welcome, kindness, and your great inspiration.

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Welcome to the best place to learn guitar

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