Hello! New guy Randy here

New guy here. My name is Randall (friends call me Randy) I’ve been dabbling in guitar for some time now…with little success. My fault, I’ve lacked the “stick-to-itness”. Now that I’m retired I’m all in and focused on learning. My goal is to one day play for some live audiences!

I love this site for the ability to break down everything to the basic level. Not to mention a structured plan to progress.

I practice every day for about an hour+ (I’m at the beginner level)

Anyway, sorry for the long 'winded. Thanks to Justin for creating a site for all us music lovers.



Hey Welcome Randy!

I hope you are playing one of these…


Nice! Can’t say Im playing that beauty. Does a Les Paul count?

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It certainly does!


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Welcome to the forum Randy

Hey Randy, welcome to the forum. Look forward to hearing more from you

Hi Randell,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun and a nice learning curve so you can playing live soon :sunglasses:

welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community Randy. I’m a relative newbie here and have found everyone to be very supportive and encouraging. Enjoy your guitar themed retirement :grinning::guitar:

Welcome aboard, Randy! :slight_smile:

Lots of fun on your guitar journey!

Cheers - Lisa

Welcome Randy. Are you a biker with the name MotoGuzzi?

Yes I am! Current bike is a 2023 MotoGuzzi 850 special (purchased this past fall)

Nice. It’s been a few years since I was last on a bike. I keep thinking about getting another but it always seems to be raining in the UK and then it’s no fun.

Or one of these?


Welcome Randy! @MotoGuzzi



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Hi Randy, welcome to the community. Have fun playing guitar every day in retirement.

Yeah, the rain can be a downer. Funny though, I follow a few bike guys on YouTube from the UK. I’m in Canada so no riding for me these days…
(Thx for the welcome!)


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Welcome to the group Randall.