Hello! One week into the course

Hi. I am Eric in Utah. I am one week into Justin’s course. I had picked up an electric guitar about 20 years ago, but with small kids and life getting in the way, it just sat in the corner. I purchased a Yamaha FG800 acoustic about a week ago and have been practicing with Justin’s course every day. The key for me has been to not get frustrated by the things I can’t do and to enjoy the things I can do. At one week in, I am amazed at the number of chords that I know without having to look at a diagram. My chord change exercise had me at 28-30 per minute (A to D) yesterday and it will be better today. I understand that small daily improvements lead to big improvements over time and that keeps me motivated.

I am just enjoying the journey with no goal except to be better than yesterday.


Hi, Eric, welcome to the community! Say hello to Utah, I have been there many, many years ago, together with a part of my familiy, who lives in Denver.
Enjoy the journey and have fun with your new guitar!

Welcome to the Community Eric you’ve come to the right place for support and encouragement.

This is the smartest thing I’ve heard a Beginner say.


Yeah, I agree. Great progress, keep at it, it’s such fun when you progress and even more so when you get songs under your belt.

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HI Eric,

We are glad to have you here. A lot of us have a similar story of trying years ago and giving up just to find the Justin guitar course. You have the exact right mentality. Take it one day at a time and one lesson at a time. You will surprise yourself just how much talent you have waiting to surface. I recommend to record yourself to track your progress, even if you are the only one to see it. Looking back at some of my self-videos I was amazed in the progress I made through Justin Guitar. We have a record yourself section here that a lot of us upload videos. Have a look at how others are doing. It helps both the person posting and I learn from the comments, my video or others. Welcome to the community

Jeff from California

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Welcome to the Community, Eric. Keep doing what you are doing and I am sure the enjoyment will just keep growing.

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This! It will keep you in the game! Welcome and keep loving the process!

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Welcome Eric, just keep on enjoying the journey

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Hello and welcome to the community Eric. :slight_smile:

Hi Eric, one week in and you’re at the very outset of what I hope is a lifelong pleasure. Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hi Eric, welcome. You are on the way. Keep that good attitude.

Hi Eric,
Welcome ,and I wish you a lot of fun learning to play and discovering what you all can do with that wooden board in your hand :sunglasses:

You will enjoy it here too. They are (mostly!!) a friendly lot :slight_smile:

There may be days ( at least for me) that you think “I played this better yesterday.”

But every week and month that goes by, I find myself thinking, that was fun, I didn’t used to be able to do that. I’m sure you will too.

Welcome, every day is fun.