Hello. Pete Bishop from Paso Robles, CA

Want to learn to play rock and maybe some blues. Would be cool to join a band. Lots of local bands out here playing at wineries and breweries. Purchased a Yamaha FG800 acoustic. Pretty excited about Justin Guitar.


Welcome to the group.

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Thank You

Welcome to the forum Peter

Hello and welcome to our community Peter. :slight_smile:

A great guitar to get started with. Have fun.

Welcome to the community, Pete :wave: exciting times, getting started. Hope you have a blast and there’s plenty of lovely folk here to help you along the way :v:

Hi Welcome to the community sounds like you have loads of motivation , great to have a goal enjoy your NGD and learning. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community Peter :ok_hand::guitar:

Welcome, Pete! I was in Paso Robles about 30 years ago on a wine tasting vacation with the hubby when we lived near LA. Great fun! You’ll love it here, I’m sure and will learn a lot.

Hi Peter,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Rock and blues, Bluesrock :smiley:
This screams for an NGD :laughing:(new guitar day), have fun looking for an electric :sunglasses:
It is of course not mandatory … :roll_eyes: :wink:


Welcome! I am also learning on a similar Yamaha acoustic model and have been super happy with it. Definitely consider getting it set up at some point - I did that after finishing grade 1 and it made it SO much easier to play, could have benefitted from doing it sooner!

Welcome Pete.

Hey Peter, welcome to the community, great choice of guitar

Welcome, @bishopsnet !

Hello Peter, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
Rock and Blues are also two genres I want to be able to play. It’s so much fun learning the skills you need, and particularly to learn songs :star_struck:.
I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey and look forward to hearing more from you :hugs:.

Good stuff Pete and welcome! Good luck with learning the Guitar my friend!

Pete, welcome to the community.

Hi Pete, welcome. You need the same skills to play for yourself or live for others (in the case of playing as part of a band you can add the skill of being able to synchronize with the other band members). Once you feel ready for it you can explore opportunities to play live at local open mics or jamming programs and connect with other musicians. Justin Guitar Community run virtual open mics that could be interesting for you when the time comes.

Hi Pete! I grew up in SLO and my dad still lives in Paso. Lots of great musicians there with a long musical history and great scene. I used to play in a couple of indie bands there in high school and college. I live in Scotts Valley now near Santa Cruz surrounded by redwoods. Justinguitar has been an outstanding reboot for me on guitar. Good luck on your journey.

Hello Pete and welcome to JustinGuitar (a great place for learning to play) and to this fabulous community (a great place for so much else around the learning).
If you want any help navigating the site, sorting out learning and playing issues or just general support, do ask.
Richard :slight_smile: