Hello. pkboo3 here - Jumpin’ in to New Community

Hey, Hey! Pkboo3 here. Excited to be involved in the new community forum!


Welcome, @pkboo3, it’s a little bit different but I think will be an improvement once one gets the hang of it.

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Hello Pam and howdy doody do are you! good to see you magically transported to the new forum.

Thanks David and Rossco! Giving it a try.

However, the robot thingy may not be too happy with me. I’m trying to share a link on one line but robot is not receiving it to his liking :grimacing:

That bot is just too scary for me! Welcome Pam good to see you :blush:

Hehe, Toby. Kinda weird to be corresponding with The Bot!

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Hi Pam, welcome, glad to have you here. There’s plenty of help so dive in and explore.

Justin talks about the forum all the time. I’ve always wanted to get into it and share with the community but have never been able to figure it out

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@skeletor83 now you know!
Time to get involved :+1:

Welcome and good to meet you here in the Community, David. Now you can have a good browse around and contribute here as you continue your guitar adventure.

Nice to see you here as well @pkboo3!

Hi Pam. Glad you made the jump over.