Hello - sclay here - happy to say that Shane made it through the portal

Hey there everyone.
Just logged into the new Community forum for the first time. Just letting you all know I made it through the portal.

Initial impressions are positive. Will look at getting some of my stuff over from the old forum.
Back to having a bit of a look around - see if I can break anything. :innocent:


Nice to see you here sclay and feel free to break stuff, we need to give it a good kick before 15th January kicks in! :smiling_imp::sweat_smile:


Good to see you here Shane. Make yourself at home.




Welcome to the dark side Shane. Lots to see and do.

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Hi Shane, thank you so much for your explanation. I think what you said is very important and it helped me understand better.

Especially on the point of looking at the root notes on String 6 for G and E shaped patterns, String 5 for C and A shaped patterns.

Much appreciated.
*This is regarding the lesson titled “MINOR PENTATONIC: THE 5 PATTERNS”; to which you answered my query, but somehow, I messed up my reply and couldn’t send the text to you. Something about exceeding a quota limit for new users.

I thought I really ought to reply to you and found another way.

No worries Paul. Glad it helped.
Yep those root notes are the foundation of it all - for major, minor, pentatonics etc.
Takes a fair while to get it ingrained, and I’m by no means an expert, but find it progressively becomes clearer over time. The great guidance available in this community has been invaluable for me, so you’re in the right place. :slightly_smiling_face:
Its not easy this guitar business, so don’t forget to cut yourself some slack too👍.

All the best,
Cheers, Shane

Cheers, Shane

Hi. Just curious what post this was in reply to?

What happened on 15 Jan?

The old forum went into read only mode. We switched over to this platform late December. A few of us were beta testing throughout December, so were here to see old members like Shane walk across the bridge.


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Thanks Shane.

Hi, this is the original thread

but because I have a quota limit I couldn’t reply to thank Shane (sclay).

So I used another thread from here to reach out to him.

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Hi Shane, it seems that it has only taken me one year to welcome you haha :wink:

Better late than never maybe?
Cheers :smiley:
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:joy: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Hi Shane ,…you were here before me so forgive me for never welcoming you here :crossed_fingers:,…welcome to this December 28 day :smile:,and hopefully the weather is much better there :sunglasses:than here with wind rain and 11c in winter…