Hello, SS7 here

Hi! I never made an intro post over on the old forum so I figured this should be my first stop :slight_smile:

My name is Ivan and I’ve been playing since around late October- early November of '19, so just a little over 2 years now. My main focus has always been acoustic fingerstyle but lately I’ve been kind of getting interested in electric as well.

Also, wow this place is awesome! As a mostly mobile user this new platform is a big step up from the old forum. Huge thanks and congratulations to Lieven, Richard, and everyone else involved in making this happen. Obviously there are some minor issues to iron out but my first impression is overwhelmingly positive.


You’ve come a long way in a short time Ivan. Keep up the good work.

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Great to see you here Ivan. I agree with Stitch, you’ve shown amazing progress in a short period of time.



BTW, your nick, SS7, always amuses me, as it’s the name of something I’ve worked with, at times on a daily basis, for the last 20-30 years of my career: Signalling System No. 7 - Wikipedia

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Welcome @SS7; Ready for your next chapter, starting here and now? :smiley:

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He’s aptly named then Keith, for he surely is a signalling system and a very good one at that :astonished:


@SS7 up in here! Yeah, tappin’ out the jams. Nice to see you sir!

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Great to have you in the house, Ivan, and looking forward to some electric tunes from you real soon.

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@SS7 Welcome Ivan! good to see you here too

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Sure that’s exactly what it stands for, no idea what all the silly sock jokes are about :shushing_face:

Absolutely, thanks so much for the invite Lieven!

Hopefully I’ll be able to record and share something until year’s end if all goes well

To everyone else - thanks for the warm welcome you guys! This place may be new but I’m so glad to see it carry the same kind of vibe as before. Should be expected though since so far it’s the usual suspects hanging out here :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome Ivan.

Thanks for the name check though I assure you that none of this is my doing.
I have all the technical knowledge and know how of, well, someone born in the 1960s who did little more than learn to use some microsoft office software haha.

I can do front end interpersonal stuff. And I have taught myself how to do some domestic work - tidying and washing and dusting around old forum when things got a little out of place or shabby. But ask me about coding / UX / css and I’m as much use as a not-very-useful thing.


:socks: :socks: :socks: :socks: :socks: :socks: :socks:

That was Silly but do 7 pairs count ?

Welcome on board Ivan, you up for the OM ?



@Richard_close2u you and Lieven both have your strengths which complement each other so well. You’re the one seemingly always present to answer any questions and keep us unruly rabble in check while Lieven is skulking about in the background keeping the gears grinding - Justin is lucky to have found such a great team.

@tobyjenner I’ll be there in the audience to enjoy the show Toby! David saved me a seat :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Ivan - I think that is spot on about us being a good complement as a team.

Lieven excels at things I am clueless at, that is 100% accurate.


If I get a Euro for every time I already said that, I could buy Britain back into the EU :wink:

@Richard_close2u is a good teacher, literally. If you can teach maths AND guitar, you certainly know your way around teaching and inspiring people! He has a relentless persistence and endless patience and I admire him for it.
He knows how to answer a lot more than I could, where I merely attempt to inspire or create a new perspective.

Being so different has been of much value through the years and yet…we seldom disagree!


Nice to see you here, Ivan.

@J.W.C hi Jason, glad to see you around! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome on board Ivan.