Hello, there! Greetings from GNS

Ah, I see that the old topics either got deleted or shelved in to the archives somewhere along the way. Been about couple of months since I was here last with my meh attempt at “Godfather Theme Song”.

Well, now, I’m learning F chord changes. It took me a couple of months actually at a couple of minutes per day practice of making the F chord sound good on my guitar to actually start with the one minute changes. And so far they are slowly increasing. Just last week the most I could do was 40 changes on F-A, F-Em and F-Dm, and now they are somewhere between 45 and 48 changes per minute. So, slowly growing. And a long way to go to the quantity of open chord changes of average of 70.

While I’m not yet attempting to play F chord songs… no, wait, I was for a couple of weeks noodling with Scorpions “Winds of Change” acoustic version, the lesson I found somewhere on youtube, I’ve added more songs, which I go back to in to my song-book (like Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars” (Capo on the second fret), Bon Jovi “These Days” (though, I have no idea whether the rhythm I thought out is correct or not since I was following the prominent piano melody in the beginning, but it is something, though), 4 Non Blondes “What’s Up” (Capo on the second fret), Poison “Every Rose Has It’s Thorns”, Oasis “Wonderwall”, Seal “Kiss From A Rose” (Capo on the third fret) (the same issue with Bon Jovi, have no idea whether the rhythm I cooked up is correct, due to Seal’s prominent voice over everything else, but it has some sort of melody, so, it’s something) and Seether feat. Amy Lee “Broken” (though, the finger-picking parts I play slower, because I have yet to make use of my three fingers, which supposed to pluck the strings and I only use my thumb for plucking, though I’ve learnt something about harmonics from this song).

And, just today added two more: Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (acoustic) and Metallica “Turn The Page” (acoustic).

And, since some of the songs are in flat tuning, which I’m trying to play, I found that doing barre chords is significantly easier, because of the lower string tension than in standard tuning. I don’t really need to press the fret at all with my index finger.

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Welcome (back)

Sounds like progress is being made, good stuff

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Welcome back. Oh the dreaded F chord. I remember the struggle with it very well. It is worth sticking to it as it’s such a great gateway to other barre chord goodness.

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Good to hear from you again, Aurimas, here in the new Community home.

As you deduced, content from the old Forum was not automatically migrated to this platform. Some people did migrate some of their old posts, typically either recordings from AVOYP or their old Road Case topic.

Good to hear you are playing and making progress.

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Good to see you back. Looks like you are keeping busy and lots of great songs. If you want a good lesson on Broken, try this one by David Tran. He breaks all the fingerstyle elements down into manageable chunks but also shows how you can play the intro just using chords.
Broken - Seether n Ami



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That’s where I got that lesson from when I was searching for something new :slight_smile: But I’m long way to go with proper finger style. The most I can do is with thumb and index finger on Chasing Cars (also from Dave) :smiley:

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It’s good to see you’ve returned Aurimas. :slight_smile:

That’s a nice list of songs you have going on there.

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Good to see you made it to the new forum. Like you I have trouble with songs with that dreaded F chord.

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Welcome (back) and keep on with learning those songs and more! :slight_smile:

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