Introducing Jason from NY

Hey I hope I got this right I’m trying to introduce myself my name is Jason from New York. I bought an acoustic guitar 10 years ago and used it for A couple months. I decided to try and give the guitar another shot. I Got an electric guitar a month ago. In my searches of trying to teach myself I found Justin Guitar, and boy am I glad. His lessons are great and I can’t believe the improvementS i’ve made in just one month.
I already had the basic beginner knowledge/skills from my past attempt with the acoustic guitar (I knew the eight essential chords, could read tab, strum, and understood time and beats from when I played trumpet in fifth grade).
Originally I just wanted to be able to play some songs I like, but that quickly transformed into wanting to understand theory, be able to jam, Play melodies (No one wants to hear me sing), I even now have an interest in playing the blues, something that I never cared for before. It was when I did the module 10 lesson and I was actually able to improvise some thing that did not sound bad with the backing track provided and Justin’s instructions. Wow! lightbulb went off I might actually be able to really learn to play guitar.

I’m glad to be here I’m looking forward to continuing this journey With all of you


Hi Jason good to meet you.

Seems like yet another guitarist has found Justin and is already making good progress. Although I can’t tell from your post at what level you’ve started on within Justin’s graded system, I would strongly recommend your work up from the beginning of Grade 1. There will be lots I imagine that you will already know but I suspect there will also be elements that Justin covers, that you have not come across before, so I am sure it will up your skill level

Plenty of advice and support to be found here, so when in doubt, shout.



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We do :wink:


Welcome to the Community, Jason. Sounds like you’ve found the right place and are making tremendous progress. Look forward to hearing you play.

I’ve split off your intro to be it’s own Topic rather than part of the reply to GNS’s.

Thanks for picking that up @TheMadman_tobyjenner


When I read your story, I’m glad to hear that you get inspired to try new things (like understanding that some basic blues is actually a primer for a lot of things in music)

You’re on the right path for sure, combining the different facets of “learning guitar”.

Stick around, share your progress, ask your questions and help others with your own perspectives!

Hello and welcome to the community Jason. :slight_smile:

You have to love those lightbulb moments. The joys the guitar can bring as just wonderful.

Welcome to the forum. Give singing a go, I didn’t for ages but then posted in AVoYP and, from the comments, my singing wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. Maybe you will find the same.

Hi Jason, welcome along, you’ve come to the right place to supplement your guitar learning with a great community of people all treading the same steps. :slight_smile:

Hi Jason, welcome. If you found a goal is good, now you need a path to achieve it and part of it should be going through all the beginner lessons. It is good to go through each lesson and check if there is something you can improve on each subject. If not, you can move to the next. In between the basics there is a lot of information that can be useful at any level. With the singing I agree that you can give it a try. Keep it simple, hear the guitar, feel the groove of the song and record yourself and it may not be as bad as you think.