Hello there! I'm Jan from Barcelona

Yesterday I turned 13 and I’ve been playing guitar since the age of 6. I was born in Barcelona city but then moved to the suburbs. I first started using Justin only for songs but when I started researching the website, I knew I had to check out the advance section, it’s just SO GOOD
Thanks Justin!


Hi Jan,
How wonderful that you started so young and are still playing after all these years, and now also joined the best guitar learning website in the world… I hope to hear a lot from you in the years to come. Have fun.

Hi Jan, welcome to the community. Wow,13 and already playing for so many years… Congratulations, good decision for your entire life! Have fun and keep on having fun with your guitar!

Hi Jan, welcome to the community. Wish you all the best with your guitar journey. If you have any questions, I’m sure someone in the community will be able to help you.

Welcome to the Community, Jan, and belated birthday wishes.

We have many folk who talk about learning later in the life, far fewer who have started at your age. You have more years of effective learning than I have :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

When it is appropriate would love to hear you play, you can post a simple recording in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

Hello Jan and welcome. :slight_smile:

How nice starting at 6. Many years of guitar pleasure ahead of you.

Welcome to the Community Jan.

Wow you’ve been playing nearly half your life. That’s fantastic for someone so young.
Ha I’ll be 66 and the end of the month and wished I’d been playing for half of mine. :wink:
Good advice from @DavidP to share some recordings.
I would also check out some of the other Grade lessons and not just the advance stuff. Justin has the knack of teaching things others miss, so you might pick something useful up along the way and it would not take you long to work up to your current level. Just a thought.



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Hi Jan!

Welcome and greetings from Valladolid :wink:.

Hope you enjoy the community as much as the website


Welcome! So jealous of your early beginning, keep with it!

So this is kind of off topic, but I just found out because of his message above that @Rumil and me are from the very same area (I’m from a small town close to Valladolid, Medina del Campo).

What a coincidence!

Hi Jan, it’s so great to hear from a young pup here! We’ve got tons of “Old Dogs” making all kinds of noise, and I’ve been wondering whether there were any youngsters around. As others have said, I sure hope you will see fit to share some of your playing with us by starting a #community-hub:learning-logs or sharing in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing.