Hello There - Ryan from New Jersey

I’m Ryan, 30 years old, from South Jersey. I’ve been playing guitar off and on since I was about 15 but have really only progressed in the last year or so when I began playing with my friends weekly. We started off pretty rough but we’ve really progressed the past year and I’d like to see how far we can push ourselves creatively.

My personal goal would be to become proficient enough at guitar so I can play/write more math rock/midwest emo type songs. I’ve tried learning a couple different riffs and maybe with enough practice I could get there, but due to the difficulty of the genre I think my time would be better spent focusing on the fundamentals first and building a strong foundation. Hoping I can stay motivated and focused enough to reach my goal.



Hi Ryan and welcome to the community. You’re right to focus on the fundamentals and I’d guide you to completing the beginners and intermediate courses Justin has. That should give you a good base for focusing on what you’d like to perform.

Great you’ve got some buddies who are also learning at the same time…a ready made band! It’ll also speed up your progress on learning.

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Welcome to the Community, Ryan. I concur with Jason. Perhaps you may also want to look at Justin’s Practical Music Theory course. Just seeing the word ‘math’ in you musical aspirations makes me think solid grounding in theory may be helpful. The first couple of modules are free, thereafter it’s on subscription basis (but quite reasonable)

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Hello and welcome to the community Ryan. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the journey.

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Hello Ryan, a very warm welcome to the Community.

A truly healthy approach that will set you on the right path for anything you want to specialise in later.

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Yeah I started the first couple modules of Justin’s Music Theory course a couple months ago and found it very beneficial. I started learning about triads then got sidetracked but I’ve been meaning to start it back up again. Hoping I can incorporate the course into my regular practice routine even if it’s only a few days a week.

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Hey Ryan you hit the nail on the head there. Learn how to play the guitar and then you can play anything. The most important thing is a wide and deep foundation and that is what you’ll get here. Do that and you can then play whatever the heck you want ! Welcome :sunglasses: