Hello, Toni here from the Netherlands

Been looking around here for a couple of days. To find all nice people here. So I thought it’s time to introduce myself.
Live in a suburb of Amsterdam. I’m 61yr old. And a beginner guitar player. Bought the guitar a cheapo acoustic steel string, beginning of last year. As something to do during the pandemic. searching the internet I came across GuitarTricks app. Which looked nice to start with. But after 4 months I got bored with little progress. So not much later the guitar moved to the attic. But when the Christmas tree moved back to the attic. I put the guitar back on the stand in the living room. Because it’s so nice to look at. That got me interested in playing again. I had come across Justin’s videos on YT. And I find him a great teacher, which suited me greatly. So I tend to stick with it this time


Welcome to the party. Have you just got started on Beginner Grade 1? How are you finding things so far?

It looks like there are a few of us early in our learning (or relearning!) journey, so it will be good to see how we all progress.

Welcome to the Community, Ton. If you have the passion and desire and the discipline and patience to follow Justin’s programmes you’ll be sure to make progress and enjoy playing the guitar as much as looking at it!

Yes, I’m currently on grade 1 of the beginner course. Making little progress. Fast chord changes are pretty hard. A bit strumming to the beat makes it sound acceptable for now. But not able to change the chords fast enough makes it challenge. And my fingers hurt. Lol

Welcome to the forum, good to have another Toni around :slight_smile:

When I first started playing my fingers hurt so bad I could only play 5 minutes a day, so I did that 3 times each day. I can’t remember how long it took, but before long I could play 15 minutes without stopping. Doing the chord change exercises helped me a lot. Now, 10 years later I’m so glad I stuck with it. I started when I was 53.

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Thanks. I should have the patience, to go with my age. But that has let me down before. But I’m determined to make it succeed this time.

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Welcome Toni,

Keep at it, the finger tips will get less painful and then the pain goes away or is minimal once you’ve developed calluses. I’m about to turn 66 and started with Justin’s lessons about a year and a half ago. It is such a joy to see progress, but it takes regular practice – in the lessons I started with in 2020, I think Justin suggested taking a day or two off each week. The combination of regular practice and regular days off really worked for me. My fingers were tired after a lot of practice, but the day or two off helped rest them. I was also pleasantly surprised at how I could play some chords even better after the break. I’m sure there’s motor memory mechanics going on there.

Welcome Toni,
Good to see you here. You’re in the right place if you want to learn guitar. Justin is a tremendous teacher, and this great community will help you all the way.
Those fingers will toughen up soon enough, and you’ll be crankin out some tunes in no time.
Cheers, Shane.

Hello Toni, a very warm welcome to the community and your learning path with Justin. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the community Ton. :slight_smile:

Thank goodness for the Christmas tree having to go back into the loft.

Welcome Toni !

Great to hear you saying that. That is exactly what I thought after an umpteenth restart at 55 when I took early retirement. Found Justin about 18 months after that and never looked back. The Grades are all laid out and progressive and you have a shed load of new material and teaching methods after Justin rewrote the foundation courses. Just keep to the path and you’ll do fine.



Thank you all, for the warm welcome.

Today a short practice. Cause yesterday I overdid it with 3 hours. Made the fingers quite stiff. Hard to keep track with the chord changes on the beat. :wink:

I get impatient with myself also and then end up quitting for a while and going back to it later. Really can NOT recommend this lol, it really slows down progress. I think the thing is to relax and have fun with it. Practice and put in the work, but enjoy it and don’t be hard on yourself. So what if we have to practice something a hundred times to get a little better? As long as we’re learning and having fun.

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Hi Toni,

Welkom! I’m about a decade younger but started the same way, through guitartricks.com. Then I heard about Justin in another forum I participate in about 2 weeks after I started. I checked it out and it was more my style. I’ve been here ever since.

We all go at our own pace, but just to share my experience, it took me the whole year to get through module 1. I wanted to really learn the stuff, not just know it.

You are doing the right thing by putting the guitar in an easy to access place out in the open. I do that too and pick it up much more often.

Best to you!

And my fingers hurt

So do mine! :slight_smile: Even after two months.

You are doing great, Toni, very nice to see someone start playing at the age of 62! It is awesome.

Keep rocking!