Help me distinguish between Epiphone Casino and Epiphone Casino Coupe

I’m considering to invest in another electric guitar, most likely an Epiphone Casino (not the super expensive USA Collection version and not a Coupe). However, when checking its availability in Hungarian music stores, I became a bit confused between Casino and Casino Coupe.

I checked Epiphone’s website, and found the following differences between the photos (the descriptions are not very detailed and I failed to find the 10% difference in size):

Casino: the output jack is on the top of the instrument + natural color is indicated only for this model
Casino Coupe: the output jack is on the side (Les Paul style)

So far so good.

However, when I checked some Hungarian retailers, my confusion grew. My 1st and most promising finding is this:

Here, the name of the instrument and the position of the output jack match the image on the Epiphone website.

My 2nd finding has the image of the Casino but is indicated to be a Coupe:

My 3rd and 4th findings are pretty strange. One has the image of the Casino but is indicated to be a Coupe:

The other one is indicated to be a vintage sunburst Casino but it’s price is almost 1/3 higher than that of the other one:

So I’d like to ask you if you could give me any tips on distinguishing between Casino and Casino Coupe? I’m planning to contact the dealers as well, but in the meantime I’d appreciate your help very much.

Just bumping this in case you can help me out.

The only real difference between the standard and the coupé is the size, the standard is like 335 body size and the coupé is more like 339 size which is roughly 7/8 of the size of the standard; it’s a better choice if you like a smaller guitar.

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It really comes down to the size being the major difference (and yes, the output jack is on the side of the guitar on the coupe). However I would have thought that being smaller, the coupe would have a different sound to the Casino. I’ve got a Casino elitist which is a great guitar. Best to try both in person if you can and see which you like.

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I had a look through all the links and pictures and I think your question relates to trying to work out what model and spec guitar each retailer is actually selling.

As you say they seem to be mixing up the images and the specs and the titles based on your observations (eg output jack location).

If that is what you are after then I couldn’t see any other details that you hadn’t already spotted sorry! Price is probably a good indicator but a bit chancy! :neutral_face:

As such contacting the retailer is the only option I could think of… Good luck and hope you find it! I love the ‘335’ style guitars!

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@Andy @grayal

Thank you for your answers. Yes, the retailer websites did mix up the images and that confused me. A few months ago I tried out a Casino at the guitar shop section of the luthier I usually go to. It was quite comfortable to play and that’s when I made my mind up to make this my next guitar, whenever I come around to buy it.

I’ve got no problem with the 335 style, it’s a great shape in fact, but I could not find a detailed explanation of the differences between the Casino and the Casino Coupe.

So thanks for all of you :wink:

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