Help me get started again ... how do I warm my fingers before playing? Should I stand or sit?

A couple of questions.

What type of warm up is recommended before starting and is it better to play sitting down or standing up?

I am not new to guitar playing but have decided to start from the first lesson, hoping i can stick at it this time.

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Entirely up to you, wherever you are most comfortable, no reason not to do both. All my practice is sitting, but, I do from time to time remind my self of the weight of the guitars and stand for a session.


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Hi Kevin, a warm up consisting of a song play through with simple down strumming functions well if you’re early on in the course, either that or an uncritical play through and change of a couple of chords will do. All you want to do is get both hands moving a little and reminding them what you’re doing!
5-10 mins max is a good period.

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I practice both standing and sitting, so that both ways will feel comfortable. I usually switch between the two after every 5-minute section of my practice routine.

My warm-ups usually consist of playing a simple song that I know very well. If you are not there yet, some simple hand stretches plus strumming some chords you know should do nicely.