Help posting my first recording

Can someone explain how I post my first recording attempt please. I’m struggling to understand how to post to this topic. Many thanks

Hi Alan,

The easiest way is to upload the video to YouTube and then post the link to the YouTube video on your AVoYP post. If you post the link on a new line it should embed rather than showing the link.

To upload videos to YouTube have a look at this wikihow explaining the process with pictures.

Note: When you upload the video to YouTube you want to set visibility to ‘Unlisted’ not ‘Private’. ‘Private’ makes it visible only to you. ‘Unlisted’ makes it visible only to people who have the link that you would share here. It would not show up on your channel page or in any search.

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Assuming we are ok opening our video to the world at large, is there any reason we should not link to a ‘public’ video in in the Justin Guitar Community?

John, you can choose to make the videos you upload from YT into AVOYP either unlisted or public. I tend to make my work-in-progress videos unlisted and the ‘performances’ public.

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Same here John.

Vary rarely get comments on the public ones, outside of folk from the Community - not that I am trawling. The only one that got some negative comment, was a song I did about Covid lockdown in France by some anti-vaxer that was a gibberish vent. That’s when I found you have to power to remove unsavoury comments. Now I just published and be damned.