[HELP] Wanderlust by Flogging Molly

Hi guys,

I just got to the end of Grade 1 and I’m trying to learn a song I fell in love with: The Wanderlust by Flogging Molly, acoustic version (Flogging Molly - The Wanderlust (Acoustic) - YouTube).

I just need to be able to play this, it doesn’t matter how long it will take :slight_smile:

I found the chords here: WANDERLUST ACOUSTIC CHORDS by Flogging Molly @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com. But I’m having some issues with the original strumming pattern. I know it’s 6:8 but I can’t pin-point it, especially when it changes fast (e.g., C D G on “a brother or a swine”).

Can anyone please help me out with this? What do you think the right pattern is?
(Also, there’s a comment saying some chords are wrong, is it the case?)

Thanks so much!

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Hi Rob, welcome to the community.

The last verse is quiet and slows so the strum pattern is a bit easier to hear.
My input may be a little hard to read because I don’t know how to force fixed-width fonts in this tool and what I type is different from what is displayed (multiple spaces get removed).

Try the following 2 strum patterns. They can be used interchangeably depending on how comfortable you are with the speed.
1 2 +3+ 4 5+ 6+

The C-D sequence seems like uses the second pattern above with C for 3 beats, D for 3 and then return to either pattern for the full bar of G.

I agree with UG commenter who suggested Em C G D for that 4-bar section of the instrumental.
Also, In the section:
This stormy ship we sail Is a bottle filled with rage
I should be:

Thanks for causing me to check out the song. It’s fun.


Hi, thank you so much for your time, really appreciated – you made my day :slight_smile:

Just gave this a try. Your indications are very clear, thanks. I think I prefer the first strum pattern, but yeah I’m still not super comfortable with the speed. I’ve been using a thin pick as suggested, but I’m having some difficulty angling it correctly and avoiding missing a strum while keeping it at the appropriate distance so it doesn’t rotate or fall off. If this makes sense. I’ll just continue to practice.

Happy you liked the song! I think you might also like “tomorrow comes a day too soon” (acoustic) by the same band then (no worries, I’ll ask for that pattern another time :D)


Hi Rob. Any transcription is subject to error even if is printed in a book or magazine, or posted in a well reputed website or YT channel. They are often based in what the transcriber can hear from the record and there’s no sheet music or performer notes they can rely on. Sometimes they have been rearranged to be played by a solo instrument instead of a band or simplified to be played by a less advanced musician. I cannot offer too much help on this one as my transcribing skills are almost null but you’re doing right in asking help to the community. In case of doubt you can try one way or the other and “trust your ears”, as Justin says, and judge which one sounds better for you. Justin have paid tabs if you’re interested, but I don’t know if that song is there. I don’t think he has as many tabs as other websites but they can be better curated.

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Hi, thank you! Yes, I subscribed to Justin’s app with the tabs. It’s great, unfortunately this song isn’t there. I requested it, but meanwhile, I thought of reaching out here. I’m happy it worked out!