Help with community levels and uploading content

Hi, I’m looking around the community hub and trying to familiarise myself with it all. I particularly love the audio-visual uploads of members playing and would like to have a stab at doing one myself. But I can’t see how to do it. Do I not have access because I’ve not reached a high enough trust level yet? I’m not sure how to even check my level. Sorry. I’m confused.

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Hi Claudia,
Take a deep breath …help is on the way, :smile:but you are now in the introduce yourself section …You will get an answer to this question in another section later…

@saturno …Now I was looking for a good simple explanation on the forum,…and there are plenty, but I can’t seem to get it right now and now I’m getting visitors…but don’t worry, there can be more help in this way… @DavidP or @TheMadman_tobyjenner or someone else :innocent:


That’s great @roger_holland, reassure the newbie by calling on the ‘madman’ :roll_eyes:
(It’s ok, I can see @DavidP’s icon typing as I speak :laughing:)


Welcome to the Community, Claudia.

I’ve moved your post over to the area for asking questions.

I suggest you post up a new topic in #community-hub:introduce-yourself to elaborate on the brief intro in your profile. Just a little personal background, guitar history, and goals you have.

From a trust levels perspective you need to do very little to move to the level where you can share a recording in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing. Spend 30 minutes reading and replying to some other users posts there plus adding your Intro and I think you’d be able to share a recording.

Most people share their recordings via YouTube. You can set the access to be ‘unlisted’ which means only those people who have the link can access it. That would be posted in the Community so not available to the world.

You can also share the recording via a link to a file in file repository online, such as DropBox or GoogleDrive.

Then create a new topic in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing exactly as you made this post. If you copy the link and paste it into the topic all will have access.

Feel free to ask more questions if you need help with recording and uploading to YouTube.


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Edit 2: thanks David I’m saving this post in case I need to give some quick advice on this… :sunglasses:

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Brilliant, thank you David. That’s all a lot clearer. I shall get onto introducing myself and engaging with the content. Youtube is something I hadn’t envisaged but if I can keep the link within the community here that’s fine. Don’t want my friends seeing and laughing at me!


Once more Mr Larsen I will be referring these comments to my legal team, Nincompoop Silly and Sane !

@saturno Claudia if you wish to accumulate your required reading time level, click on Mr Larsen’s avatar then click on his user name, then select Post Created. This will give you hours of fun, entertainment and may raise the question who the real mad man is around here !

Welcome to the Community, its actually quite safe, warm and fuzzy.



Occaisonially Mad.


We need a FAQ answer on this Topic that people can be referred to. The ‘how to post AVoYPs’ comes up constantly.


Hi Gordon, I was looking for that one yesterday and couldn’t find it … So what I keep reading is from people who explain it over and over again :flushed: … now that you’ve said it, it will probably come soon :sunglasses:


Claudia, I would have said the same when I started. In fact when I started I shared audio-only recordings. After a few years I’d shifted to making videos and now I am comfortable to play live Open Mics. So embark on the adventure, slow and steady, and you may find yourself achieving far more than you imagine. And the your playing may become the envy of your friends who secretly wish they too could learn to play.


Good idea, Gordon. I suggest you write it up and post in #gear-tools-talk:hardware-software-recroding, that will ensure it does not end up being overly technical and long, which may be the case if I create it. :thinking: maybe better a post in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing that I can pin


and especially that … long… :innocent:
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Edit:absolutely must this be in “record yourself” section…