Help with Guitar posture

I can’t seem to play guitar without being hunched down over it.
It’s an acoustic dreadnought guitar with a light body which is why it isn’t stable on its own and i have to hold it really close.
Any help??

Hi Avleen, you could make a start here…

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Hi Avleen,
have you thougth about using a guitar strap? I mean using a strap in your regular sitting down position. You might perceive that your guitar won’t go anywhere, feel it less unstable and thus hold it in a more relaxed way.

There are a lot of ways to hold your guitar while sitting and lots of stools and ergonomic considerations for posture.

I would first google seated “ergonomics” and make sure you have a stool or guitar chair that allows you to sit with good posture.

Then, maybe with the help of someone, hold the guitar in a position where you can maintain a reasonably close approximation to the good posture and still play the guitar.

Finally, find a way to hold the guitar there. Strap, lift, cushion, foot rest, whatever.

Sitting back in a soft chair is a recipe for poor posture. I sit on a drum throne with my feet flat on the floor and my thighs just sloping down a very small amount, almost parallel to the floor. This allows me to sit with a pretty straight spine. I like the classical style of holding the guitar, so I then use a lift on my left leg, but that is me.

Maybe attach a picture of you sitting while you play?

Hi Avleen,

I have recently started using a strap while sitting & consciously keeping my posture in mind while practicing. I think it helps & also the key is to keep the strap fairly taut or it doesn’t seem to do much for me.

Hope this helps!


As recommended by you guys, I’ll try the strap thing.

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If you want to explore all the options - including using a strap - check out this topic:

Long thread, but a quick scroll will show many pictures that should be helpful.

I have started doing this and I found it does help me to sit up, otherwise I would be hunching. The other thing you could do which also needs a strap is try standing up now and again to practice.

Strap is the way to go I think.
I’ve mentioned before on here that playing guitar puts the shoulders in an unnatural position (rotation etc) and our individual anatomy really plays a big part.

Having a strap means that it is possible to free up the leg to move where it feels comfortable, which in turn means the guitar can sit in a more ‘natural’ position.

Just added a strap to my acoustic dreadnaught recently and I think it helps with my posture. I also mix in some standing practice, though it’s still taking some time getting used to it.

I think straps are very flexible for how you position the guitar. However, I find myself intolerant of anything with any weight at all hanging around my neck.

Even 25 years ago in my residency, my white doctors coat and a few things in the pockets was awful.

So, if you are like me, try a lift or support. They work great!

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I’m going to go against the grain a bit and suggest that you hold the guitar between your two legs like classical guitar people do, with the neck slanted up a bit. When I did that, many painful things went away for me. My wrist didn’t hurt anymore and my posture somehow improved by itself to some degree. AND THE STRAP … I went one of those a bit later and that helped also.