Help with guitar setup in Melbourne Australia

Does anyone know someone who could setup my electric guitar in the inner East?

I’ve left it with a guy for 2 weeks already and he still hasn’t started. Plus he wants $200. Is this reasonable?

Thanks in advance.


Hey John,

If its just a basic setup, $200 is WAY over the top, and to have it for 2 weeks is simply not acceptable. My setups cost me $80 from a qualified luthier. You wouldnt expect to pay much more than that.
Not from Melbourne, so cant point you anywhere, but if it were me, I’d be gettin my guitar back and looking elsewhere.
Good luck, and all the best.


G’day Shane,

thanks for your prompt and to the point advice.

Going to get my guitar back now!

Good luck

All the best


Hi John .

I would buy a good tuner if you have not got one already. Look on youtube.
Its not that difficult to set up a guitar and save some money.

Hi John
Guitar Emporium in Port Melbourne have done mine in the past. They are about $80
Good luck Richard

Thank youi.


Thank you. I’ll visit the store.


It’s really worthwhile learning to do your own setup. It’s not difficult and there are some good how to’s on utube. StewMac have some good info on settings for different guitar types. Most adjustments can be made without special tools. Nut slots are generally not setup for low actions and may need filing. If the nut is not slotted correctly you may need a gauged nut file, though I found minor depth adjustments were easily made with an appropriate feeler gauge and 600 grit wet/dry paper wrapped around it. Having reslotted b and low e strings made a huge difference to playability (easy f chords😁).
If you do get a setup done by a luthier make sure it includes the nut slot depths.