Her And Me Original Song

Hey guys figured i would write another song lol. This song is based off of my heart will go on. I love that song and I just put my own lyrics to it. Still kinda a work in progress!! I did this in about 30 mins. Hopefully you guys will like it!! Cheers! Her and Me Original - YouTube


Wow, these just keep getting better Byron.

  • Perfect amount of reverb on vocals, suits your style.
  • No hesitation on the strumming, great timing.
  • Nice clean guitar sound.

Your soul is shining through bud :+1:

It’s great to see you writing your own songs Bytron. I like the way you put your heart into it. You’re a talented dude.

Thanks so much batwoman for the comment and listen!!! :slight_smile:

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Wow Byron, that’s impressive, I love what you did with the lyrics. And you say you did this in 30 minutes? Props to you.

Thanks Kevinkevan, just take note i have been playing for like 12 years lol. It took me like 3 or 4 to be able to sing and play. Practice practice practice!!!