Here Comes Everybody

Here Comes Everybody or ‘HCE’ (Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker) is the central figure in James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake.

It also describes the overwhelming sensation I get when opening the new Community app facing a flood of new names from all over the world introducing themselves.
Hats off to some of the stalwarts of the old Forum for going the extra mile to welcome everyone as well as continuing to provide new content. You know who you are.
I know it will all settle down, some may drift off into the ether and many more will stay, becoming part of the fabric of this wonderful space.
This is my big warm welcome to all the fresh names. When I joined a couple of years ago, it appeared a little daunting at times, especially as it was obvious there were groups of people who were quite familiar with each other, and it would be easy to feel like an intruder.
Remember, you’re as valid a member as anyone else, and as Macca sang: The love you take is equal to the love you make :smiley:

I’ll leave you with a bit of trivia: Ronnie Drew of the Dubliners singing The Ballad of Perrse O’Reilly from Finnegan’s Wake (Earwicker/ or Earwig in French is perce-oreille, geddit?).
I love art that I only partially understand :roll_eyes:


I would like to add that your inclusion is directly related to the related to the extent of your involvement and that is up to you.

When I joined a year ago, I joined reasonably actively and was accepted and encouraged without question.

It is easy to fit in and there is very little judgement here.

But, if you don’t participate, there is no way to include you, so please, everyone, keep active and keep in touch! It is pretty cool to just be part of the community that encourages and supports me as I learn. Guitar isn’t easy, so it is helpful to not have to go it alone.


Well said both of you, so for those out there; Come on in and take those boots off and relax!

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Good god, man! Are you trying to inject some literary sophistication here?! I have tried Finnegan’s Wake at least 3 times and never gotten too far, but I do remember this part (sort of). This makes me want to try it again!

Welcome Brian good to see you here and what wonderful words for our new members. :sunglasses:
“Who the hell is Ronnie Drew ?” Where have I heard that ?

Brian II

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Haha, lead singer of the Dubliners and an emerald icon, RIP :smiley:
Here’s one from a while back on the Late Late Show with his band and the Pogues (and if I’m not mistaken that’s a young Christy Moore at the back, on the bodhran).
'Nuff Pattywhackery for one day… Where’s me shillelagh?
(Oops, forgot the link :roll_eyes:)

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The younger singer’s dental work is a little disturbing, like something out of LOTR

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That will be the young Shane. Not in a good way these days.

From Oct last year.

POGUES frontman Shane MacGowan has suffered a recent accident which his wife said she feared was a “huge setback” to the 63-year-old singer’s health. … The Fairytale of New York star, who has been confined to a wheelchair since breaking his pelvis in 2015, has suffered a number of health concerns over the past year.