Here Comes The Sun - Beatles

On the original version George Harrison uses a capo on the 7th fret. But I saw a youtube video of George playing the song live with Paul Simon - George capos the 5th fret on this version. I liked the sound so I tried that in this recording. It’s a great springtime song and not really fitting for a cold autumn day in Boston. But it’s springtime somewhere… hello Australia!


I loved your take on this song. It’s amazing even balance and sounds great in that key. Here in San Diego California there’s an amusement park( sea world) and they always play this song as part of the dolphin show. So picture 30 dolphins flipping out of the water to your melody. Thanks for sharing


Hey Mike - that was great. I’m just starting to look at this song myself so I know where the tricky bits are (for me at least!) and you sailed through them beautifully and smoothly. Lovely playing and a really nice vocal too.
thanks for sharing.

Hi Mike,
That is really nice playing :clap: :sunglasses:and I think also singing but that is a little soft but still enough to take the guitar to a higher level, so no comment on that and that’s completely fine if you think this does your voice more justice, I liked it :sunglasses:

Very nicely done Mike. Some great picking there and nice work on the vocals too. Sounded spot on to me and I’m sure our antipodean friends will appreciate it also.

That was so beautiful Michael! It did sound great with the capo on the 5th fret and really nice vocals too. :clap:t2: :clap:t2: I enjoyed listening :smiley: It is spring here, hello from Australia :laughing: :sunflower:

Very nice Mike. I love your picking out of individual notes. Nice work :+1:

Some great playing, beyond me to comment further on that. For me the vocal could have been a bit louder.

I’m picturing dolphins dancing to the song - fantastic:) Thanks Jeff!

@mathsjunky The trick for me is to play it a bit slower than I want to so that I can get through the tricky bits. I saw one of your recordings Paul - so skillful - and you want have any trouble with this one:)

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@roger_holland Yes, I wanted the voice to be stronger in the mix but had trouble making it happen. I turned down the volume of the guitar on my amp almost all the way and turned up the gain on the audio interface for the voice all the way but still the voice is not strong enough. I think I just need a different setup - like mic’ing the amp instead of a direct feed from the amp to the DAW (garageband.) Anyway, thanks Rogier!

@SgtColon Thanks! Love that word “antipodean”. Does that mean that we in the northern hemisphere are “podes”???

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@Avalon426 Thank you Australia. :pray: Very jealous of your spring but then again… ski season!

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@Eddie_09 Thank you!

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Thanks @skinnyt. I agree about the vocals - I just had trouble making it happen in the mix.

Well played and sung, Mike.

I’m curious about your setup. Given you are recording in Garageband and I assume have at least a two channel Audio Interface. I would expect that you could work on the balance between guitar and vocal in Garageband, either before you play and record in a soundcheck or afterwards, assuming the guitar and vocal are on separate tracks.

Good question @DavidP . So I connect the vocal mic via an audio interface to my mac and garageband. But for the guitar I wanted to use my Spark amp with 12 string guitar effect. So I connected the amp directly to mac. The output on the amp is set to near zero but it’s still too loud - oh well. I don’t see a way of connecting the amp to an audio interface but maybe I just don’t have the right connector - I’ll have to look into that. Although the mixing is in garageband, the recording is actually in OBS and I don’t think there’s any post-processing capability in OBS. I’m new to mixing and recording (obviously:) and any advice is welcome!

Excellent Michael!
I loved your rendition.

For sure man. Try that, do that even.
I love the sound of my amp so want it in my recordings. The amp I usually use has no line out so I’m forced to live mic. All I can say is. This works very good imho and I do get the sound of my amp doing it this way.

Your rendition is real spot on man. Very enjoyable to listen too.
Agreed, vocals are a bit low in volume. I have that problem too. But my problem is I don’t want anyone to hear me sing…
Yep, I do turn up the vocals and I’m getting more used to how ‘I’ sound.

Not sure what to say about capo @ 5. I’ve not seen the George and Paul Simon vid. yer talking about, so have no reference.

I do this song too and have a recording of it (which I won’t share and hijack your thread). I did my version @ 7, live mic on my acoustic.
The result was a guitar track that sounded like I was playing a 12 string. Granted the 6 string acoustic I got sounds near as full as my 12 string. No idea why other than my 6 string has the fullest sound of nearly any 6 string I’ve ever played.

Anyways, I really dig what ya did there. Really good job with that.

fwiw, give live mic’ing your acoustic a try. You may be surprised at the tones ya get. San’s amp. Especially a amp w/ effects. Try dry (for this song). Perhaps a touch of daw reverb. Maybe.

Thanks for sharing.

Oh, myself. I learned this song from Justin. He sure teaches good.

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Thanks @HappyCat for all your comments! Do you have a mic you could recommend for mic’ing the guitar or amp? I just have one mic for vocals right now.

And I’d love to see the video of your rendition of Here Comes the Sun - please post away! It’s amazing what you can learn from other people’s renditions.

Michael, I do not have a recommendation, sorry. I’m to new at this recording thing to have a clue one way or the other.

I mostly use the mic (condenser I think) that came in a package with my 2i2. Got the focusrite headphones too. I had none of that stuff, mostly. I do have a radio shack dynamic mic. Mostly don’t use it. + I only got one mic stand. Which I’m about to cure.

Since I don’t sing, I gotta do two tracks, one vocal, one guitar. I only need one mic for that. However. I’m trying to do one now where I need two mics. I’m trying to sing and play and make a video, which I don’t know how to do. But I do know I need two mic. So in lieu of two mike, I’m plugging my acoustic into the interface for lack of no other alternative right now. I’d prefer to live mic my guitar but don’t have that capability right now.
One thing I’ll say, don’t get a realistic mic. :wink:

Thanks man, I may??? I’m debating the ethics of me doing that in my mind. Appreciate the invite for sure.
Also, I don’t have a video, audio only.