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another rich, thoughtful lesson–thank you

This was a great lesson. It is fairly easy to pick up this song for intermediate players. I always wanted to learn this!


Really enjoying learning this at the moment, even if the same can’t be said for my neighbours.

Random question regarding tuning -
If I try and play along with the original, it always sounds slightly out of tune to me. So I tried tuning my guitar up slightly, and it now sounds right. I then realised I basically had it tuned to about A-448 rather than the usual 440. Which is fair enough, except I’ve not seen this mentioned anywhere - so is this just my ears playing tricks on me or is it actually tuned this way?

Welcome to the forum Benethi
What fret are you putting the capo on? Most times when you put a capo on a guitar the tuning needs to be adjusted. Capoing at the 7th fret could have pulled George’s guitar sharp.

Thanks Stitch,

Yes capo at seventh fret then retuned. Maybe I’m wrong but I would presume that anything that George was doing was intentional! And of course the rest of the band would have to be tuned likewise.
…of course, like I say it could just be my ears :sweat_smile:

There are Beatles songs where (for various production / mixing reasons) a decision was made to speed up or slow down the tape. I do recall reading comments somewhere about this song that the slightly raised tuning is due to that type of studio decision. If you have used your ears to tune yourself fully in with the raised tuning of the record then that is all good. Obviously for a solo performance you can stay in standard tuning.

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