Here I am Lord - 1st (kind-of) video

Sort of my first video. I attempted a couple using my laptop and the quality was poor. I performed this with an iPad. The video is much improved. I know videos are the norm here, but it is quite daunting for sure. TO be heard is one thing to be seen and heard yet another…as you all know.

When I first came here I attempting this song when about 6 months or so into the guitar. I strummed it. Unfortunately I lost the audio. I wish I still had it so that I could compare, now that I just crossed the 2 year threshold.

This one is fingerpicked. There are a few obvious and glaring errors alone the over 4 minute song.

This was a challenge, and a fun one. Thanks in advance for any listens. Appreciate. Feedback welcome. I’m nervous so take that into account. When not recording I make much fewer mistakes.


Mike you look very nervous but next time remember it’s a computer you are playing for and besides you did fine. I don’t know the song but it sounded to me.great job and keep on posting songs and it will get easier. Happy holidays

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Well done Mike I enjoyed that. Fingerstyle and singing that is not easy so big :clap::clap::clap:. Any glaring errors weren’t obvious to me and if there were you kept going so kudos for that. It may be your finger pattern or my ears but it seemed as if your tempo may fluctuate a bit. I also found the song was a little bit samey all the way through, so you might want to think about ways to spice it up to keep the listener interested as you gain more experience. Alternate pattern for chorus or change in dynamics etc. Nicely sung too. Looking forward to hearing more. Best wishes Alan

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@Alan_1970 Much appreciate Alan. The tempo was x2. I heard other performances at x1 and I felt it was too slow. Seemed the guitar was barely accompanying the vocals.
Yeah, I know I vary tempo. I’m hoping experience helps with this issue. Thanks for advice to try to mix it up. I’ll give that a lot of thought as I move forward.

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I didn’t hear any glaring errors. I have not managed finger picking and singing yet so you have done a good job with that. I agree with Alan_1970 above that it could do with some variation in the picking/dynamics to make it more interesting for the listener.

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Thanks for listen and the feedback. I think I probably should have dropped a verse on this song. The 4+ minutes probably also leads to a bit of over-repetition.

Hi Mike,
How great that you made a video recording of it :sunglasses:, for me it makes a big difference when I look at someone (who, as far as I’m concerned, is relaxed) playing the guitar, I can better “forgive” things that are less, that’s why I always post a video instead of just sound recording… :sweat_smile:
Greetings Rogier

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Always a pleasure to hear from you Roger. Thanks for the listen.