Here is my one month video

This video is mostly just for me to look back on a year from now so I can be encouraged by how much progress I hopefully will have made. I’m already happy with where I’m at after just one month. I just moved into my module 3 practice routine yesterday so this video is my second go at it.

Warning, the video is 34 and a half minutes of mostly my boring practice and comments to jar future me’s memory when I watch this again next Christmas. The Justin play alongs start at 15:30 and what I consider the better play along practice starts at 26 minutes.


Hey Chris

Makin a great start mate. Getting used to the feel of the guitar, getting some chords down, even using a capo - you’re on your way!
After only a month, you should be very pleased with your progress.
One tip if I may. Try to keep your strumming hand moving always, much like a pendulum, even when you don’t strike the strings. It will become the foundation of your playing. Justin mentions this in his lessons, as you work through them.

Good to record yourself too as much as possible. It helps alot in the learning process.
FYI - You can create a Learning Log as well in the forum, where you can add all your progress, learning, notes to self. Its a cumulative format you just add to over time.

All the best,
Cheers, Shane


Thanks for the reply and advice. I’ll look for where to start my progress log. I really try to keep my strumming hand moving in time but sometimes it’s really hard for me. It’s not natural for me yey and if other aspects of what I’m playing are particularly more challenging for me (new or difficult chord or strumming pattern), that motion is the first thing that my brain allows to fall out of sync.

Hey mate,

Yeah, the strumming thing will feel more natural over time. It is awkward at the start for everyone. Its just the way it is, and certainly not a flaw in your playing.
Just something to be always mindful of though as you move forward, as its so crucial.


Hi Chris, I skimmed through the recording stopping to listen now and again. Very impressive commitment to your learning. Looks like you’re enjoying the process and also advancing. Keep it up!

Hi Chris, I had a look at different sections of your video and it seems as you are progressing well. Your chord changes sound clear and your strumming issues will get better soon. It’s just a matter of practice.

Justin does a lot of basic strumming exercises with muted strings, so you can focus on your strumming hand to get a constant rhythm. You don’t have to concentrate on chord changes or other stuff that distracts you from strumming. After you have automated your arm movement, you can add your fretting hand. I’m sure you’ll progress quickly, as focused as you are! Have fun!

Hi Chris,
Through time you will look back on this with great pleasure, … very good that you make a video of yourself, … it is the best way to take big steps :sunglasses:, … and as suggested fits such a video better in a Learning Log,…
Good luck and lots of fun :sunglasses:

Chris that looks good to me too, bit more work on the strumming hand and you are good as gold. Very well done for only 1 month in!

Thank you everyone for the encouragement and suggestions. Since module 3 is where Justin first incorporates strumming into the practice routine specifically, I will probably show significant improvement there soon.

Good going Chris! It’s hard to see from the angle, but it looks like you’re playing the D major chord correctly - I only mention this because before I discovered Justin’s channel, I always played it by barring the first 3 strings with my first finger and fretting the D on the B string with my second finger. I managed to wean myself off that though, after seeing the right way to play it.

Awesome progress for 1 month in Chris! Having just celebrated one year of playing guitar I feel like a detailed video like this is such a good idea. You’ll really be able to look back and see how much progress you’ve made. Good luck on your journey.

That is really great progress for one month in. Well done Chris.

Great advice from others.