Hi. Does anyone know of any guitar or music club, for the lack of a better word, in Herefordshire? Trying to find a place where I can watch rehearsals, or amateur bands playing or just socialising with musicians.

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@Rossco01 perhaps you know a few places in there?

It depends whereabouts you are in Herefordshire. If you’re close to Hereford then plenty going on in the Open Mic scene. Cafe Babar, Lupa ( old bowling green), The Grapes all have open mics but that is just a small sample.

If you are on Facebook then I’d join the Herefordshire ( and surrounding area ) Open Mics as they advertise everything that is going on including gigs.

If you don’t have FB then the monthly calendar is here Herefordshire Open Mics

Live Music in Herefordshire would be another FB group to join.

We often play over in Hereford. In fact we played at Lupa last week. If you need more info let me know.

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Thank you @Rossco01 I will check the FB groups. I live in Hereford so by the look of it there are things going on that I didn’t know about. I knew about HR4K and checked out Cafe Babar on FB.

No problem HR4K is unfortunately just an acoustic OM now ( not on in Dec) prior to that it was certainly one of the bigger monthly ones but unfortunately cost of operating it has meant it’s no longer feasible to do it with a PA etc. if you follow those FB groups you’ll find plenty going on locally.

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