Here's another try - Stella by Starlight

I have tried Stella by starlight, this time with the melody, so there is some idea about what the solo is about.


Lovely tonal qualities here Dieter. I’m curious to know if you anchor your little finger right hand? I can’t see it, but from the movement in your hand I suspect you aren’t anchoring.

Hello Dieter, I’m loving your videos, sounds great :blush: I love that kind of music

No, I dont anchor my little finger. I find it more flexible without.

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Beautiful and so relaxing…just love the sound.

Lovely, Dieter, thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed both listening and watching your left hand. Took special note of your vibrato technique.

Do you have any recordings of the swing band you are in?

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That’s more of a classical technique David, more subtle than the Blues or Rock techniques, I had to learn both to play the stuff that I play; the Blues/Rock ‘shake’ is more difficult but necessary to get the right sound - it’s a much wider slower vibrato with more difference in pitch also.

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You are right with the Blues Shake. My Problem is, that I came from the Violin
and can’t get rid of the violin-vibrato technique. It has com unconscious habit.


Well done. That’s one of my favorite standards.