Heres my 2nd open mic night guys!

Heres my 2nd Open Mic Night and it was my Bday yesterday as well playing it! It was fun lol. Enjoy! I did mess up at the end because my eye was burning and itching really bad and i could not continue sadly lol. Not bad though! Open Mic Night! - YouTube Hurt Open Mic - YouTube Fiddling Open Mic Night - YouTube


Congratulations Byron… you did great. I don’t how you do it… I’d lose my concentration while everyone is chatting.

Thanks sandy!! Just gotta be in the zone!!! Lol :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Byron and big congratulations on your second OM. It makes me happy to see you out there performing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey Byron… it’s good to see you out performing live… you really needed that mate… you can see you growing more with every OM performance… now for the community OM… I look forward to seeing your performance… it’s been a long time coming fella… will it be acoustic or will it be electric… will it be one song or two… keep on performing live as its giving you great enjoyment.

Well done Byron. Great performance and you looked really comfortable on stage.

Well done Byron! Kudos to you for that. You looked totally at home there on stage. I agree with Sandy, very distracting having people chatting over you. The temptation must be to tell them to shut up and listen! :smiley:

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Great Byron!

Fantastic mix of strumming and note picking.

Your vox really suits your playing style.

Many happy returns, Bytron, both your birthday and OM performances. You deliver with such confidence, matching your home videos with live performance. Bravo.


Thanks guys its an experience for sure!!! :slight_smile: Plus i love hearing others play as well!

Great Job! You looked very comfortable on stage.

That’s probably what I’d do, in a moment of frustration. LOL

Hi Byron,
A belated congratulations on your birthday :partying_face:…and also good to see that you are on stage for a 2nd time :sunglasses: :clap:

Congratulations on your birthday and the OM. Your performance looked like you were a veteran of many events. Great job.

Belated happy birthday wished Byron. I hope you had a good day.

You look so laid back and natural on stage. I’m another one about the people chatting, I think I’d stop and just walk off, so well done to stay the course.