Hey can you guys help me out? I'd like to test something

So I’d like to learn more about the flag system and see what happens to the post / user when a post receives numerous flags. In my next reply I’m going to post something controversial so please flag it as inappropriate or spam and once you do, let it be known below.

Apparently the post is supposed to be hidden automatically after a sufficient amount of flags. Also mods please unban me if I get blocked or something :sweat_smile:

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Bass > guitar. Do your worst.

Flags: 1 Still here.
Flags: 2 Bass too strong?
Flags: 3 You can’t handle the truth
Flags: 4 Can’t stop won’t stop
Flags: 5 I thought this would be hidden at 5, keep 'em coming!

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I flaged it as inappropriate and earned a badge :grin:.

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Hah that’s great, thanks @stitch!

How dare you - you are now flagged mister!

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I see a notification / alert next to my avatar (which is still not my chosen avatar!) and when I click it shows me the flagged post left-of-screen and these drop down menus right-of-screen.

The first drop down - Status - gives me options to make a judgement on the rights and wrongs of the flag and make a mod-decision accordingly.

I also flagged this with a message sent to staff

Flagged, you scoundrel!

Flagged off topic…need to get to 20 character lol

Says it’s already been reviewed and it’s OK

Yeah this thread is no longer relevant and should be archived shortly along with a few others seeing as we are now live and open to the public :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you though and welcome!

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Ok, I just saw it and flagged first post as inappropriate. Me doing that is like the pot calling the kettle black although I am well behaved here.

Just flagged it and chose ‘something else’

Nothing appears to have changed.

Please don’t vanish Ivan, you’re my favourite Moldavian. :grinning:

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Probably helps being the only one you know right? :joy:

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