Hey from Bryan in Mass - also just descovered this forum

Happy to share!

I have seven children now… my dog Crosby, and my 6 guitars :joy:
my first guitar, that was somewhat neglected and moved from one storage area to another for seven years, before I finally took it out of the case and started learning about 2 months ago… it’s a Seagull Maritime SWS SG Acoustic - no mods… actually a wonderful warm guitar in the intermediate range… I grab it sometimes when the Taylor feels a bit to bright for a song:

Hm, it’s not attaching the photos. I’ll describe then upload photos in a separate post.

Second and third acoustics joined the family/were adopted together… I really wanted to learn pingerpicking/fingerstyle/poor man’s piano guitar… and Taylor’s are phenomenal at that - also, I’ve found in life that if I make a significant financial commitment, I’m more likely to follow through :joy:… so the week after the 4th of July, a week into learning, I took advantage of the special they had at most Taylor dealers in July where if you buy an upper level Taylor, you could get a baby Taylor for only an extra $99 or a gs-mini mahogany for an extra $199… I went with a list of guitars to try and actually thought I preferred the Taylor AD27e or a 224ce-K… but the bottom of my list guitar was the one that just felt right… so I got the Taylor 414ce v-class special edition. I then chose to get the gs-mini in mahogany… which was the best move I could have done (despite being annoyed at first they wouldn’t let me pay the 100 extra to get a gs-mini-e… ended up being the best thing, since it turns out I’m not crazy about the ES2 electronics and bought an LR baggs voiceprint DI for the 414ce, that it runs through when plugged in, and uses an IR I made in my phone and adjusts the pickup output sound so it sounds like the guitar does in the room with it… there’s a few IR pedals like this - I HIGHLY recommend voiceprint di over the others after extensive research - unless perhaps you’re doing what Justin is doing and running acoustic through a $1500-1800 Kemper… but if you’re spending that much on a modeler I recommend getting a quad cortex which has superior hardware and is future proofed for quite some time. Anyways, I got the voiceprint for a lot less than the new price on reverb in great condition. Back to the gs-mini… I really loved Ed Sheerans percussive playing and looping and started watching a bunch of others, and after a lot of research, purchased a Fishman powertap rare earth pickup/body sensor and had that installed professionally - it sounds AMAZING plugged into anything lookup the classical guitarist Martin and listen to his insane level of playing - he’s using the Fishman powertap earth)… that was a long winded rabbit hole… the gs-mini… comes with a great backpack, wonderful warm sound, less bright than most Taylor’s because, well, it’s mahogany… and because it’s portable, it comes everywhere with me… if I’m going anywhere other than the store down the street, it goes in the backpack case in the car and comes for the ride. I actually made the mistake the first several weeks of almost exclusively using it because it’s so convenient and portable… then when I went to use a full size guitar was having difficulties… so now whenever home, I force myself to use the Taylor 414ce (which I’ve named “Swift-mini which is my travel and percussive acoustic, I’ve been calling “Small Bump”… that covers the acoustics… for electric guitars, my first electric (which has actually never come out of the case since it arrived, I told myself I wouldn’t take it out until I reached upper intermediate, which hasn’t happened - yet), is a Lowden GL-10 KO… it’s a masterpiece. It took me a few weeks to find a brand new one (or any, they’re rare, the Koa being the rarest). Lowden makes under 100 GL-10s a year including all the dif wood types. Mine had a AAAA Koa top, brand new, serial #086… so the 86th one ever produced in the first official production year 2018. Lollar imperial PAF humbuckers, and all gold gotah hardware. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

Second electric: 2023 PRS SE McCarty 594 SC. Slight mods, I swapped the stock knobs with the core American model lampshades, then swapped out the standard vintage tuners (which are incredibly stable, I’m just coming to love the convenience of locking tuners, they’re essentially beginner proof for changing strings :joy:) with Kluson Revolution Vintage non-collared tuners in gold, keeping the stock silver collar, which gives it the core model gold post/silver ring look. I absolutely love this guitar, it’s my favorite electric of the two I actually play. Highly recommend. I currently call this one “Blue’s Clues” until a better name comes up.

Third and most recent electric: I wanted a pure single coil guitar, but I’m not crazy about the fender high end harshness/quack some love… I listen to pretty much all genres/types of music and wanted something versatile that could go from playing Eric Clapton, to 90s grunge, to blues, to modern top 40 etc… enter PRS SE Silver Sky in Stone blue. Another great guitar that I highly recommend… btw PRS SE line is generally regarded as the best guitars in their price range whether you’re a beginner or a pro… they’re all studio quality as Paul has steadily improved the line over the years and the QC is second to none. Whether the SE, S2 or flagship core lines, they are consistent and one of the few brands you can order sight unseen and played and know exactly what you’re going to get… anyways I absolutely love this guitar. It’s seriously incredibly and I prefer it for comfort, tone, and playability to pretty much every fender I’ve tried. After I found out it was John Mayer’s signature guitar, I started referring to it as “The Mayor”. No upgrades yet, but will be upgrading the tuners to the Kluson revolution non-collared (same as the McCarty, they’re direct replacements and drop ins for both… this time I’m going to use nickel or chrome colored though, with the vintage pearl buttons).

-Fender Mustang GTX100
-Fishman Loudbox Artist (acoustic)
-Boss Katana 100 MKII - this has become my go to, though I did get something new last night I’ll probably be driving for awhile)
-Vox VT40X
-New addition picked up last night, a Vox AC10c tube amp that was upgraded to celestion greenbacks for speakers, and all the Chinese tubes were swapped out/upgraded for UK manufactured which made a huuuge difference over the other AC10c’s I’ve heard… it sounds much closer to the UK manufactured AC30.
-Vox 2X12 speaker cab with 2 vintage 30s in it (a bit warmer, I switch the AC10 to use this for output with single coils and use the built in greenbacks with humbuckers, which keeps the tone well rounded. I also use the cab for the next item on the list
-Quilter Superblock UK… If you haven’t heard of quilter, look them up. It’s not a modeler, just solid state amps… They’re truly the only solid state amps I’ve played with that sound EXACTLY like a tube… while being significantly cheaper and lighter weight. The tube junkie guitar store down the street stocks them - it’s the only non-tube amp they recommend and are an authorized dealer for. Pat quilter is a genius. I actually got the superblock uk to try out for a week or two to see if it sounded as good at home as it did in the store, before swapping it out/returning it and getting their flagship Aviator Mach 3 head, which combines the US/UK superblocks and Tone201 block etc… it’s the flagship with all their best advances. Incredible amp. Swapping the superblock for it tomorrow.

This was a lonnng post, ive been suffering from Acute/severe G.A.S. From week 1. When I’m not practicing for hours a day, I spend hours researching gear and guitars/pedals etc…

My acoustic pedal Board is centered around the LR Baggs Voiceprint DI… then I have the full LR Baggs Align series of pedals, a polytune 3 noir, and a strymon cloudburst. I found out someone I used to volunteer with created a pedal company, that has perfect ratings, so I’m ordering her blessed mother transparent overdrive pedal for the acoustic side.

Just building my electric pedal board… polytune 3 will do double duty for now on the tuner side. For overdrive, so limited. I have a GCB95 Cry Baby wah, just ordered the PRS Horsemeat transparent overdrive. I’ve mainly focused on using the katana for learning which sounds and tones I like, so I have the GA-FC EX pedal for the katana, an EV-5 expression pedal, and a boss fs-6 I use for delay tap and pedal fx on/off.

Something that has become a gem that I didn’t expect (besides how truly good the PRS SE line is) - Peterson Strobo Clip HD clip-on strobe tuner… most tuners have an accuracy of 1/10th cent (1/1000th of a semitone/fret) compared to your standard tuner (snark/etc - I had snark previously) which has an accuracy of +/- 1-3 cents. If you have acute hearing, or even often if not, you can hear the difference of the output… my guitars sound “sweeter” now. Not sure how to explain it… the difference is esp apparent above the 12th fret, and as I’ve started playing around with finger picking/triads, scales, etc etc.

Future gear aspiration list:
Guitars: PRS core McCarty 594 SC with TCI tuned 85/15LT+ humbuckers most likely in cobalt|PRS core McCarty 594 Hollowbody II in whale blue|Heritage custom Les Paul - look them up if you’re not familiar… when Gibson split they stayed in the original factory where the 59 Gibson LP was manufactured. They’re more vintage Gibson than Gibson lol| Eric Clapton signature Strat in white… the core McCarty will prob come next in the spring as I’m trying to treat my G.A.S… I’ve contemplated trading the Lowden GL-10KO for a core PRS Hollowbody II, but can’t bring myself to, so that one prob won’t happen until next summer.

Pedals: RC-600 looping station | Strymon Big Sky| Quad Cortex| ReAmp… looping station and reamp will most likely be next up.

Current project outside of practice and study… incorporating ableton live into my electric guitar signal chain… so I can go through my pedals, into the interface, use any plugins in ableton (ie the free neural amp modeler, which is phenomenal - and free), then outputting it from the interface through a reamp box and back into the amp I’m using.

I started working for tech companies at 13, 24 years ago… I love tinkering with things by nature. So other than some of the pedals above and a future desire to build my own pedals, my current focus is on really playing with tones and dif sounds and using what I now have. I’m beginning to write songs and put together my own stuff after I’m done practicing and learning new songs, typically right before bed… which is why I started this whole journey… up until 10 years ago, music was my journal. I wrote and recorded over the music I purchased from producers. So work was becoming incredibly stressful and less rewarding lately as I reached a level in my career where I was no longer actually hands on doing things/solving challenges, and instead find myself in back2back meetings planning how other people would get to actually do those things and strategy and other leadership/exec nonsense - and I needed a creative outlet to stay sane, so fell back to what I used for 17 years - music. I’ve always admired singer songwriters… I can write songs, but never learned the music part of the songwriting. Also, my music taste has become more refined and to write songs to reflect my life today and capture the emotions I need a guitar because the music is a huge part of that. It’s a language of emotions… annnnd here we are - thanks for reading my Novella :joy:

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I obviously don’t have children and I’m not married yet (besides my pup and guitars)… or there’s no way in hell the G.A.S. Would be this bad :joy:… but those things aren’t too far off, so I’m getting what I can, while I can!

Absolutely! Bolton isn’t that far at all. Tied up the next two weeks with some family stuff, but anytime after that!

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I had to re read your posts. With all that amazing gear I was double checking if you actually were a beginner like me lol! For what it’s worth, the pain went and the callouses came by end of month 1 for me!

Figuring out how to move the above/equipment list to the Learning Logs log I’ll create for myself to tomorrow, since I just found out it was a thing when I hit level 2 today… I’ve been tracking a daily learning log with time practiced/what I did in another app, but going to start tracking in this forum then copying to the app. I like the format people are using here better, including tracking gear/linking to videos, etc. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and learned something new! I spent a lot of the weekend studying pentatonic theory, what to add to make it a blues scale, then learned the first few patterns which I evolved to just understanding the notes in a scale and playing accordingly all around the neck based on understanding of all the notes on the 5th and 6th string, the pattern for finding the octaves/root notes from a starting point, as well as the 5ths/4ths and 3rds/6ths from those root notes… found it to be fun to play up a pentatonic minor scale, then play the blues scale on the way back down… :hot_pepper: spices it up a bit… also a bunch more I’ll add to the learning long I’m determined to create tomorrow :slight_smile:

Bryan, that is an impressive collection of acoustic and electric guitars. Have fun playing all of them.

@SteveL_G99 Is there anyone else in our area that you know of in Massachusetts? Maybe we can start our own guitar club like @MAT1953 found early on in his journey.

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Bryan, I’m from North Carolina. You might have meant to respond to @Shaun0708.

Good call I hit the @ and S and hit then must have hit your name - sorry about that!

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A good friend of mine is lead guitar in a band Octavate, he’s unbelievably good (listen to a super complex song once and play it immediately kind of good, super annoying actually lol) but other than that I don’t know anyone else. There’s a small shop in Hudson that sells Electric Guitars that I pop into every once in a while but other than that… I know there’s ALOT of guitars for sale in our area on Facebook marketplace haha!

There’s a bunch of cool shops in Worcester and the surrounding areas. I actually bought the boss rc-600 looping station open box and Strymon Big Sky brand new at City Music in Leominster two days ago. They have a great selection of new and mint condition used gear… a lot of their used gear is just open box/b stock. I got them to drop like $50 off what they were asking on reverb for the rc-600. It was never used in the box. The big sky was brand new they got it that at in their shipment from Strymon and I talked them down on that too. They have a warehouse behind the store where they run their reverb shop… the pawnshops in Worcester used to sell top quality gear for half of what it was worth… not sure if that’s changed since ten years ago when I moved their last, now that they can list on marketplace and reverb. Def planning on spending a day bouncing around all the stores in that area.

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I’m looking to pick up a Taylor acoustic between now and Christmas so I’ll definitely keep my eyes open.

Thanks for sharing all of your gear Bryan. Most of it is way over my head :rofl: I do share a love of PRS guitars and hope to get one next. I almost returned my Fender American Pro II Strat HSS when I went to collect it from the store to get this instead PRS S2 Custom 24 in Satin Metallic Royal Blue. It just felt so good in my hands, but I stuck with the Fender as I’ve always wanted one and this was my only chance of getting one in person (can’t get them shipped). Will have to save the PRS for my 1 year guitar playing anniversary just to give myself another incentive to keep playing :blush:

Funny that you mentioned that. I’m in a similar place career wise, always been a hands-on techie then somehow found myself in a Sales Executive Leadership role which I hate. I’ve never been much of a creative, but always wanted to learn how to play and create music instead of just listening to it. So I took the leap with Justin’s course and here I am. One of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. Being married with 3 kids, I’ll have to space out my guitar gear purchases a little bit though and be content with my 3 electric guitars for now and my Marshall Code 25 amp. I’m resisting the urge to buy a Marshall Origin 20c, it’s only available in a limited edition Cream color at my local store which I hate, so that’s helping me resist the urge to buy it :rofl:

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I’ve only heard incredible things about the prs custom 24… mainly that it’s just an incredible versatile, great-sounding guitar. Fender has a classic sound! Def something you want in your collection. I was set on the Eric Clapton signature… but now that they just released the Mike McCreedy, I’m not sure what I’ll end up with.

There’s something infinitely less satisfying about being in a leadership role in tech it seems. I was actually looking at the Marshall Origin 20c the other day! I found the cabinet first, someone had one for sale, and then that led to looking at the amp. I’m absolutely done buying stuff for a while now that I got the looping station/etc. But I saw some great demos of the origin 20c. Seems to like an awesome amp to have in the lineup.

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Hey guys,
This is my PRS SE Zach Meyers which I’ve found to be an awesome semi-hollow body guitar. It’s crazy versatile, light(ish) weight & stunningly beautiful. This is the 2nd generation of the Zach Meyer signature model & I think they got it exactly right this time… check 'em out!



Yeah no regrets about getting my Fender Strat here after spending a few weeks practicing with it. I absolutely love it :blush: In an amazing coincidence, I went to a blues bar with my brother tonight (first time experience for the both of us), we heard Nially Kelly Duo live, and the lead guitarist (Marc Barguera) was playing a Fender American Pro II Strat HSS just like mine (different color though) and it sounded beautiful :heart_eyes: Completely obliterated any doubts about it being a good guitar for blues/rock (I was doubting if the HSS I bought was a good idea instead of the more traditional SSS). Of course, he’s spent a lifetime playing guitar, but it’s something to aspire to and a good burst of motivation for me to keep practicing :smiley:

@CATMAN62 That is a stunning looking PRS hollow-body :heart_eyes: You’re not helping keep my ever growing guitar wishlist in check man!

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@CATMAN62 beautiful guitar!

A PRS Hollowbody is absolutely on my wish list!

I’ve actually had a few people recommend this model now. I was hoping to wait until the spring and maybe get a Core Hollowbody II… but I’ve been reading that the SE semi-hollow and Hollowbodys are amazing guitars now! I keep checking Facebook marketplace hoping to snag one for way lower than it should be :slight_smile:

Good luck with that!!! I was “referred” to that particular guitar by a colleague who had a financial setback - he had 8 guitars and sold all if them except for the PRS!!!


Hi Bryan in Mass, this is Alejandro in Mass. Pleased to make your acquaintance. While I do not have an ounce of the know-how about brands materials and the holy grail of pedals and amps, I love to play guitar as you do! I have a wife and three kids and no dogs so that means that I can GAS whatever I want but when unexpected expenses come around I have to make that gear become liquid very quickly. Out they go! To be put on the shop later list, of course. :rofl: